Anger in the UK as it maintains a ban on travel to and from South Africa


There’s anger in the UK over the decision to maintain a ban on all but essential travel to and from South Africa. The government there has promised to keep reviewing the decision, but opposition politicians are voicing their frustration at the damage to businesses and families who are being kept apart.

Currently, only citizens or those with residency rights can enter the UK from a ‘red list’ country. And those who do, have to pay for a very expensive isolation period at an approved hotel.

John Bevir filed this report.

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Date: October 3, 2021

8 thoughts on “Anger in the UK as it maintains a ban on travel to and from South Africa

  1. SA committed a sin of accepting Chinese vaccine putting a billion dollar deal that was agreed before under threat, only and only if Cyril comes bck to the deal may we consider removing SA on the red list otherwise expect it to be on the red list for the next 24months. l want to thank yu

  2. It's not UK only. Ireland treated us like aliens when we came back from home in January, even though SA was on level 2 when we went home in December. Negative Covid swabs and all on returning and repeated after 5 days and 12 days we were still made to take UNPAID LEAVE from work for 2 weeks to quaranteen. The media was always on about the deadly South African variant.

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