Anti-Japan protests continue in China


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Protests have continued outside the Japanese embassy in Beijing where thousands of protesters have gathered for the second day. They are taking part in demonstrations to vent their fury over an escalating territorial dispute. Protesters appear to be ignoring calls for a peaceful resolution. Al Jazeera’s Marga Ortigas reports from Hong Kong.

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Date: October 20, 2019

28 thoughts on “Anti-Japan protests continue in China

  1. Oh The irony. They said remember the past what the japanese did to 'us'. Let me rephrase that, what the japanese in World War Two and before that did to our grandfathers and our great grandfathers. Meanwhile, their government are strangling the Tibetans and love the person who killed more Chinese than the japanese, chairman Mao. Hahaha. This episode show how brainwashed the Chinese are by their own government or is it a sense of ignorant pride?

  2. I saw the news that a chinese man was attacked by Chinese people because the chinese man had a car (Honda). His wife was crying for help but no one helped the man. The man became a paralysis (half body). the Chinese gorvement gave him about 2600 dollars which is 2/3 of his annual income becuase of this. China is a scarry country. People are educated under communist party.

  3. Way Cool welcome to freedom this is part path to freedom stay strong protest but do not be fools WAR IS NEVER WORTH THE FIGHT PEACE LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING WILL WORK IT ALL OUT. BE SMART NO WAR EVIL IS WAR. have A GREAT DAY

  4. The Chinese do not rebel against the state even killed the family with Chinese bullet train, also demolished a house purchased in precious reserve of life. However, the Chinese are said to risk one's life for the small Japanese island of just six square kilometers. They have never seen the island. In addition, there is almost no chance they go. Chinese is a robot of the Communist Party of China without thinking about anything.

  5. Now we all know nationalism creates terrorits. Japanese companies have decided to leave China and move their factories to Indonesia, Phillipines and Vietnam. Good decision made. They said the damages will be all covered by insurance. Well prepared. Soon tons of Chinese workers will be layed off and become jobless by their own irresponsible terrorist act.

  6. CCP has with more countries than Japan !

    Are political forces behind the anti japan protests in China?

    A japan hostile demonstrators in Shenzhen, China. Some analysts suggest that a certain faction of the regime was behind the unrest.

  7. The Japanese, the Emperor knows what his family did to China if you think they haven't been building weapons for the day you wanted war, then I ask are you familiar with how long and what level of craftsmanship and patient it takes to make a master katana? They will put that same level of work into their nuclear weapons, then they will use them on you, you have the highest population density on Earth, one strike would kill millions, if not hundreds of millions, this is insanity, STOP NOW

  8. 5 cent per post. Is that what you receive from CCP? You should know that civilized people in this world know about Chinese behavioral characteristic. That is, when Chinese start insisting on something, the truth lies exact contrary to what Chinese say.

  9. I don't think you are a Tonga citizen. Even though your wisdom seems to be correct, you have a behavioral problem which typical Chinese and Korean have. Think it seriously.

  10. "A communist society is a stateless and classless society. " There is a mistake in your sentence. "A communist society is supposed to be a stateless and classless society" is correct. Rule of thumb, communism requires perfectly clean and self sacrificing leader that is why China is going to face dead end sooner or later and desperately agitating anti-Japan movement to deceive its people now.

  11. お前の様な馬鹿を相手にするのは、これが最後だから。そもそも共産主義も社会主義も資本主義もファシズムも一部の支配者階級が作り出した虚構の概念であり、現実社会では、奴隷階級と支配者階級しか存在しない。 支配者階級は、どんな制度の下でも全てを所有し、奴隷階級は、妄想の中で民主主義が存在していると錯覚しているだけの事。

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