Any changes to UK lockdown 'will be modest' – Coronavirus Daily Update UK ๐Ÿ”ด @BBC News – BBC


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What did we learn from today’s UK briefing?

Today’s government press conference was led by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. He was joined by Sir Ian Diamond, chief statistician at the Office for National Statistics, and Dr Jenny Harries, the deputy chief medical officer.

Here’s what they told us:

The R-rate, the rate of infection, is below one – somewhere between 0.5 and 0.9 – meaning on average each person with the virus passes it on to fewer than one other person. This is higher than the last estimate and is driven by the epidemic in care homes.

The lockdown rules are not changing today. Any changes to social distancing and lockdown measures will be limited and carefully monitored to ensure the R-rate does not rise. We will get more information on the government’s plans from the prime minister on Sunday. Abandoning social distancing too quickly would lead to a second peak.

There was a technical hitch over the weekend which saw testing numbers fall but it has been resolved.

Restrictions on the border, for example at airports, may come in due course.

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Date: May 9, 2020

34 thoughts on “Any changes to UK lockdown 'will be modest' – Coronavirus Daily Update UK ๐Ÿ”ด @BBC News – BBC

  1. To destroy the country they need your obedience. This scam is obvious with the behaviour of Neil Ferguson.
    Why did the PM use a man with a terrible track record of predicting fatalaties from diseases?
    Mad cow/Bird Flu and SARS.
    Job losses and recession in 7 weeks.
    And all tbe time ILLEGALS are taxied over the channel by the border farce and we are under house arrest…..

  2. They are determined to bring this country to its knees. We are fed up of lies on bullshit . These expert canโ€™t even say if this disease is o how itโ€™s transmitted . Itโ€™s certainly not a flu virus itโ€™s something else . So if hospitals are empty why lockdown most people are obviously immune and this distancing is rubbish because when there were distances people were infected the next phase will be so slow food shortages jobs lost and people totally under control over people with buckshot fear as the weapon . I wonder if the interpreter is actually telling the truth. Who is Lord haw haw there are millions and millions in this country now tests now tracking wake up people

  3. Heres a real question, when can we go to the beaches!!!!!

    Dont exactly have the warmest of weather throughout the year and here its come, not sure for how long and wer stuck indoors.

  4. I live in Redditch. I have not go out even for shopping since 7 weeks. Yesterday was the first time. And what I did see? That people's not give a shit about 2m dictate and when I said to them please keep the 2 m,they lough at me. So this how they take seriously. Lots of them still not taking this seriously enough. Risking others life's. Can we actually call the police on these peoples if I see them? Now I don't know if I have a virus or not. Coz they didn't go far enough from me. And I have 2 kids with asthma. I gona home and washed all my selfs and my clothes too. But still it not a 100% that I safe. Andall this mens was there is the shops for alcohol.I think should say the women's should go to shopping only. Had this woman there with 3 men, and they was just waiting for her. So what a ham she not going alone to shopping? And now I'm in risk coz them.Not freaking fair me and kids not put out our feet even for a walk 7weeks ago. And then I going out for life stocks and then there are a lots of idiots.

  5. Every body who criticises this Government think they could do a better job. Just reflect on the horrendous possibility it could have been Corbyn Mc Donnel Thornberry and Abbott in the driving seat. Then thank your Lucky Stars ! !

  6. Will the rich tax dodging companies and rich celebrities rich football players agree to pay more tax to help the UK to get out of this mess as 50% of ordinary workers agreed 30% said yes but only if rich celebrities football players and rich companies agree to what they keep on saying that we are all in this together (BULLSHIT)

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