Not yet able to fly, three barnacle geese chicks must free fall hundreds of feet to reach their next meal. Hostile Planet airs Mondays at 9/8c
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Barnacle geese nest high in Arctic cliffs, to avoid predators like foxes. Watch as the birds survive an extreme plunge to begin their lives.

Read “Why day-old geese jump off cliffs—and how some survive.”

Visit our planet’s most extreme environments and get an up-close look at the animals that survive there. Watch Hostile Planet on National Geographic on Monday, April 1st at 9/8c.

Arctic Geese Chicks Jump Off Cliff to Survive | Hostile Planet

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  1. This is the video welfare parents and thug parents show their babies:
    “First, I’m gonna put you in great risk just by becoming my offspring…then, you’ll be expected to survive by doing the imposible. All this at a young age…
    Tough life out there, u are on your own”


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