Are FC Cincinnati fans the best in the MLS? | BBC Sport


BBC Sport heads to Ohio to experience a unique fan experience with FC Cincinnati. Joining the MLS in 2019, they are the newest team in the league.

With echoes of the Premier League and the Bundesliga, this is a fan experience that is one of a kind.


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Are FC Cincinnati fans the best in the MLS? | BBC Sport

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Date: May 9, 2020

38 thoughts on “Are FC Cincinnati fans the best in the MLS? | BBC Sport

  1. Not sure why so many fanbases are trying to earn the title of "best fanbase in the MLS." You know why I'm not sure? I thought it was very obvious and clear that Atlanta United will reign as the best fanbase. I would've thought that it wasn't even worth a shot trying to take Atlanta's crown. It's not happening.

  2. great to see people noticing MLS. best fanbase though, thats cute maybe top ten but even then. i don't think you can judge a fanbase until it has proven it can actually support soccer. either 10+ years with good attendance or a proven history of supporting those local teams in when they are in lower leagues. lets not forget this team didn't exist 5 years ago and in the city there is still that, "new thing lets go see what it is" phase going on.

  3. BBC Sport, are you out of your minds?! I think you are disregarding the fact that there is a city IN AMERICA that has one of the top soccer attendances in the world.

  4. Just because FCC gets 33k in their first game doesn't mean they have the best fans. Atlanta and Seattle are still the best. Atlanta United average 53k last year which is more than Juventus.

  5. While I can disagree and say Kansas City has better fans, I’m happy to see the sport grow in my nation! It’s always wonderful to see more Americans accept the game!

  6. Tbf there probably the best fans I've seen from America but it's not like there's much competition and they all just try to copy european teams but there's no creativity behind anything they do so the mls is still just a retirement home for now 🙂

  7. Soccer in America is really the 3rd sport of America behind Grid Iron and Basketball. Soccer has the highest participation of all the major sports in America and is ranked as the second most popular sport for Americans under 35. The reason is the videogame FIFA is actually teaching the Americans about soccer because it one of the most popular sports videogames in the US. Atlanta United is the 4th highest attended soccer team in world football. The problem in the US for soccer is the media, who treat soccer like a niche minor sport, so give it very little mainstream coverage despite the fact MLS is 3rd best attended sports league in America and US world cup games get higher TV ratings than NBA, MLB and NHL finals. The next big problem in the US is the pay to play system, where it can cost as much $8000 a year to play in an amateur kids team. This makes soccer super upper middle class like tennis in the US and excludes kids from a poorer background from getting into the game and the better and hungrier athletes tend to be working class, so the US nation team is not as good as it should be. The unfettered capitalism US means it cost more to play in kids sunday team than playing in the academy of Man CIty. If none of the French World Cup team would have been rich enough to play soccer in the US.

  8. MLS have gone from a retirement league to one of the most forward-thinking and passionate footballing countries in just a matter of years – incredible 👏🏻

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