Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Azerbaijan president vows to fight on – BBC News


Azerbaijan’s president has vowed to fight on until Armenian forces leave disputed territory, on the fourth day of fierce fighting in the region.
“We only have one condition: Armenian armed forces must unconditionally, fully, and immediately leave our lands,” President Ilham Aliyev said.
More than 100 deaths have been reported in the heaviest fighting in years over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.
Officially part of Azerbaijan, it is governed by ethnic Armenians.
The two former Soviet republics fought a war in 1988-1994 over the territory. Although Armenia backs the self-declared republic it has never officially recognised it.
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Date: October 14, 2020

44 thoughts on “Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: Azerbaijan president vows to fight on – BBC News

  1. The B.B.C. are biased in your report and we are not surprised coz that is your nature when a Muslim Country is involved. What a shame!!!

  2. This is a Genocide against Armenians by the hands of the whole world. Because the silence in the 21st century is considered as a participation!!!

  3. Stay Strong Azerbaijan we the people of Pakistan are with You! Long Live Brotherhood'🇵🇰🇹🇷🇦🇿

  4. We offer our condolences from Kazakhstan🙏 This is a very difficult time, and you have to hold on with all your might to get through this war. We are confident that as soon as possible, all this will pass, and your life will improve.

  5. We offer our condolences from Kazakhstan🙏 This is a very difficult time, and you have to hold on with all your might to get through this war. We are sure that as soon as possible, it will all pass, and your

  6. The situation in Nagorno-Karabakh has reached a diplomatic impasse. No one wants to give in, even if the past can destroy the future.

    Whole families are losing their children, husbands and brothers. The war left no one aside. Countries still send their volunteers to war like heroes – with flags, applause and tears from sisters and mothers… while there are already thousands killed and people continue to die and innocent children suffer..

    War is when completely innocent people die for the interests of others. End this war now, tomorrow will be too late. Come to a peace agreement for a brighter future, listen to the voices of your people!

    Armenians, Azerbaijanis, lay down your arms and do not volunteer in the war!

    Because sometimes victory brings so many losses that it looks more like defeat.

    #prayfortheWorld #movementForPeace

  7. Well, global gun sales were down, unexpected error in our calculations for global markets down event, we scripted years ago in Switzerland.
    We managed to increase the sales by organized fight match between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with added horror to people's minds, as we shared the events live on all global news and media we own or our friends own.
    Unplanned error, was quickly fixed, with some kinds of villagers died, and energy fields replenished with young blood, tigers and adrenaline, to charge the batteries again…

    Meanwhile in USA, waiting for debate to finish, whomever wins, we win, as invested in both sides. Just cannot wait for one of them to start their work for us and our agenda.

  8. There is a deception and misinformation campaign by Armenian Lobby. I recommend all to do your own research. However western media is biased towards Armenian story, so not sure where you can hear Azerbaijan's side. Here is some info.

    Karabakh and the surrounding 7 districts are within the legal borders of Azerbaijan. According to United Nations Resolutions 822, 853, 874 and 884 (, Armenia is an occupying party and must withdraw all military forces from Azerbaijan borders. I found following BBC interview with Armenian PM Pashinyan to be fair:

    Azerbaijan citizens of Armenian ethnicity in Karabakh region are free to practice their culture and religion as any other ethnic groups in Azerbaijan. There are Armenian descent people living in other neighboring countries as well such as Georgia, Turkey and Russia. The region is mixed with multiple ethnic groups over the thousands of years and Armenia's occupying a neighbor state's land for ethnic reasons is wrong. We should differentiate states from ethnic groups. Armenia and Azerbaijan are states, while each may have citizens from Armenian and Azerbaijani ethnicity. That is how it is in this type of multi-ethnic regions.

    Here is a window to ethnic richness of Azerbaijan:

  9. Armenians in LA should all Go Back to Armenia and Defend their Country giving up Welfare and BMW cars is not on their AGENDA.

  10. Now we are going to have more Refugees coming to California and put on WELFARE in this War between those two Countries.

  11. The shelling of civilians in Ganja city by the Armenia's armed forces after the humanitarian ceasefire agreement is another clear example of barbarism and shows that the ceasefire calls of the Armenian leadership are nothing but hypocrisy.

  12. भारत अर्मेनिया के साथ है

  13. Historically there were three competing power houses in Asia: Russia, China and the Turks. Armenia has always been on the Russian side. Everything about Armenia throughout history, including the genocide claims, have all been designed by Russian military strategy and wisdom, so that tiny Armenia can be used as a Russian pawn for the foreseeable future. The current Armenia/Azerbaijan struggle may turn into a proxy war between Russia and Turkey just like in the case of Libya and Syria. Although Armenia have always enjoyed being Russia’s pawn and the benefits that come with that, there is a price that Armenia has been paying for the privilege. Armenia sits in the middle of a 250 million strong Turkic world and this world has been choking Armenia economically, which resulted Armenia being the poorest country in the region with the lowest GDP per capita. Armenia needs to develop better strategic thinking and reconcile with the Turkic world and move away from Russia. Otherwise it will keep on enjoying poverty for the foreseeable future.

  14. After Azerbaijani population become a refugee on their own lands as a result of ethnic cleansing, armenia declared imaginary unrecognized mini armenia in Azerbaijani lands …

  15. Pakistan 🇵🇰 Royal 👑 Special Forces are helping Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 in the war against Armenia 🇦🇲.
    Pakistani Armies are very strong and more experienced (see: war against Taliban) in the field of war.

  16. After the humanitarian "ceasefire", several cities outside of conflict zone including Ganja, second biggest city of Azerbaijan, are under the rocket attack of Armenia! Civilians are killed and wounded in their sleep
    – At least 4 civilians killed and more than 40 civilians injured, search and rescue efforts continue.
    – Impact of the missile(s) has caused a huge hole on four-story, 24-apartment buildings.
    – Surrounding residential apartments and buildings have left in ruins.
    This aggression should stop! The political and military government of Armenia must be held responsible for the act!

    Al ajal,Ya Mahdi! #313

  17. REMEMBER ' Armenia became the first country to establish Christianity as its state religion when, in an event traditionally dated to 301 AD, St. Gregory the Illuminator
    convinced Tiridates III, the king of Armenia, to convert to Christianity.
    Azerbaijan has one hundred history.
    Must be impartial. You can judge fairly and impartially

  18. love to Armenia 🇦🇲 from Palestine 🇵🇸 our brothers in struggle.
    Armenians were thrown a lot, we pray for peace.

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