Arnold Schwarzenegger cycles wrong way down Edinburgh street – BBC News


Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to have confused the streets of Edinburgh for those of California. The Terminator star took to the city’s west end for a bike ride on Thursday morning and began cycling on the wrong side of the road, ignoring shouts from passers-by alerting him to the danger. The Hollywood A-lister was in town for an ‘audience-with’ event in the capital on Wednesday night.

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Date: July 12, 2020

23 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger cycles wrong way down Edinburgh street – BBC News

  1. That is the safest way to ride a bike. You can see the incoming traffic. If a car was going to hit you, you can actually move or do something about it.

  2. My mum told me about this little clip me being a big Arnie fan!

    I think he looks pretty tired here, he's probably more used to the states roads than over here in UK, along with that I thought he'd know full well where he was and how to use the public roads, again maybe he just had a long day, went out for some fresh air and wasn't thinking.

    My mum as I also felt it was a publicity stunt..

  3. To be honest, 99% of Americans (myself included) would have no idea what lane or side of the road to ride your bike on… I mean, its a bicycle, don't you just go where ever there is room? Im always driving a car so I guess I really wouldn't know about this crap to begin with… I do know that bicycles that think their cars really piss me off though, lol

  4. He been in America his whole life and never once have I heard him go bike riding here. If he's so scared maybe he should move back home like Obama trying to buy a 5 million mansion in Dubai. Good riddance foreigner. You came, you dominated, now move along.

  5. Cycling on the wrong side of the road in the west end of Edinburgh. One of the most dangerous things he has ever done in his life and probably does not even realise it.

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