Asaduddin Owaisi ने Pakistan और Imran Khan से क्या-क्या कहा? (BBC Hindi)


असदउद्दीन ओवैसी ने पाकिस्तानी प्रधानमंत्री इमरान ख़ान से कहा है कि वो भारतीय मुसलमानों की चिंता न करें और अपने देश को संभालें. ओवैसी ने कहा, “हमें भारतीय मुसलमान होने पर गर्व है और आगे भी रहेगा. हमने जिन्ना के ग़लत सिद्धांत को इसीलिए ख़ारिज किया था.”

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Date: January 15, 2020

37 thoughts on “Asaduddin Owaisi ने Pakistan और Imran Khan से क्या-क्या कहा? (BBC Hindi)

  1. His fikr was not for India. It was for his muslim brothers. As we can all see, you are for india and you are for nationalism. As for us, we are for the muslim brotherhood. This is what makes us different and when the Khan offered sincerity, your threw it back at his face. Not only his, but all muslims outside India. We witnessed and we will remember

  2. I do pray that morons of India getting what they deserve…Now bend more…
    Tell ur fkn Hindutava too, not to ask Hindu-Muslims to go Pakistan…Do what the fk u do but dont bring Pakistan in your filthy means…

    Since 1947, aholes like you proving love for India and still not acceptable…lakh di lanat

  3. ओवैसी साहब को देश के हित में बात करने के लिए तह दिल से धन्यवाद जय हिंद जय भारत

  4. This silly man seems to be very confident. Just wait for Modi’s agenda of Hindutva and see what directions it takes. It’s only a matter of time before it is completed and then you will realize what it means for minorities in India. After that you will be living in a labyrinth and you won’t find any way out of it.

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