Ash Sarkar and John Rentoul on Sky News


Ash Sarkar debates John Rentoul on Vince Cable, young voters, and “the irrational cult of youth”


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Date: May 21, 2020

46 thoughts on “Ash Sarkar and John Rentoul on Sky News

  1. Anyone else think ash sarker sounds like a bratty child that wasn't told no I mean just the tone of her voice is enough to make me want to skewer my ears

  2. Angry face gesture that Ash does is understandable when she is disagreeing with the panel but I don't know why she was doing the funny face towards the end when the other interviewee was in agreement with her?

  3. Concepts like ideation need to be understood empirically, learning by seeing first hand. If seeing is clouded by ideas the person is possessed by an ideas. The idea habituated – self hypnosis has worked it's magic along with group think. Ideological models have limited utility due to there fixed nature. Ideas are fixed, therefore; Limited. What is, the thing we call the world, is different to the confines of ideas, it's more complex. Identity is an idea. Identities require updating when the world presents a circumstance which the current identity (idea) can not process. The point in relation to this video is that the foundations of understanding the actual circumstance need to be understood before espousing 'shoulds' 'oughts' or sentences starting with 'I think' – whatever you think it's a model. Unless you do just want power and misery. Any model imposed on the world will fail somewhere. Power is exceptionally seductive, it inflates a person's idea of themselves, thereby corrupting them. Before following your thoughts in response to these words have a look in the world, including yourself, see if you can see what I'm using these words/ideas to point at in actuality. It may take along time if your vision is cloudy. If you react to this you'll know there's something wrong. Good luck, seriously and genuinely, life is serious, good luck, best wishes. Peace.

  4. What a load of inconsequential bullshit, no-one cares about the age of politicians or any of their prejudices or foibles, what they care about is if the person in power has policies which the majority of the population want put in place. A prime example is Donald Trump (at 70+), his policies appealed to Americans, no-one cares about his age, his morality, or his tweetings, or CNN's constant Trump-baiting as long as he "does what it says on the bottle".

  5. I don't get this idea that Corbyn is trying to implement ancient policies, he's suggesting de-carbonising our economy, nobody wanted to do that in the 70's! Where as the Tories think they can keep polluting for ever and ever

  6. "Oh, ha ha ha ha. He's made the point our editor told us to wait for him to make so now it's time to move on as if we've had a proper discussion". When will these people realise we see through their formula? Do we even have any actual news these days? It's mind blowing how disconnected from the movement we've built these so called journalists really are. Talk about being shit at your job.

  7. She is age-discriminating. She is shifting between criticizing his "age" and "policies" in a very surreptitious way. She did not isolate her arguments to specifically speak strictly on "policies."

  8. Proving here once again how dumb many older people can be. Of course, there are plenty of ignorant younger people too in different ways. I'm 52 and try to keep getting smarter and do NOT wanna get out of touch like so many others.

  9. Sky News? I'm going to need a shower just to clean this experience off. An opinion can't be right just because it is the most surreal and blasé – particulary when that is what you are accusing Jeremy Corbyn of being. I feel like I've eaten a crisp from a packet handed to me by someone who then goes and picks their noise. Is there a reason why they have to have Sky News anchors pacing around in front of a giant TV screen like the migetized Mike Teavee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

  10. The wise have nothing to learn from fools like Rentoul. You don't have to learn when you've always been right. It is conspicuously the so-called "centrists" who have been spectacularly wrong about election after election and referendum after referendum, and who have been so entirely learning-averse when it came to understanding the meaning of the Corbyn surge that the centre and mainstream of the populace is no longer where they've always believed it was, or learning the lesson of recent elections that austerity and neoliberalism is electoral suicide for established alleged parties of the centre-left.

  11. I cringed every time she used the word "fresh". Almost sounded like "New". The fresh Left, Fresh Labour, New Labour. Sounds like something Tony Blair would come up with in a meeting with Snoop Dog. Labour are about as fresh as a homeless person who hasn't washed for ten years arse crack.

  12. Sky calls interview on completely ambiguous subject that no one can possibly win in front of egregiously huge telly to fill up time on endless stream of repetition.

    24 hour rolling news destroys the soul.

    Well done to contributors for humouring it and making some good points regardless of flimsy premise – Ash most notably.

  13. Watching the mainstream media grapple with the death of Neo Liberalism and the rise of Socialism under Jeremy Corbyn is both hilarious and so frustrating. No wonder Novara, The Canary etc are on the rise. SKY and the BBC are woeful.

  14. Its not the fact that Cable is 74, its the fact that Lib Dem policy is appalling. Neo Liberalism is dead. The next Government to be formed? The Labour Party under Corbyn.

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