Asian hate crime in UK increases during pandemic – BBC News


“This has exploded since the beginning of the virus.”

As footballers boycott social media over hate crimes, the abuse directed at Spurs star Son Heung-Min has focused attention on racism suffered by people of Asian background.

Community leaders say such abuse has increased dramatically over the past year, with the number of incidents reported to police in London alone tripling since the the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Date: October 2, 2021

44 thoughts on “Asian hate crime in UK increases during pandemic – BBC News

  1. BBC Part of media system that spreads hatred towards East countries Especially against China Russia Saudi and bec west pepole can't know difference between China and another Asians this happens

  2. i'm asian from indonesia & my sister was took college at Leeds United a year ago, and i was once asked her "are u get racial mocking / bullied ?" she said no because of her accent quiet american and his face looks latina and she has brown colour, but other friends of her looks yellow / chinese / korean sometimes get bullied in verbal not as bad as american to asian race, america to asian was extremely worst that resulted gun shot & physical contact

  3. most of these asians are from hk, and pro uk. ironic how their complaining about hate crime when hk still want independence from china

  4. Tell all the UK people to stop teaching English to Chinese. Since they hate Asians. I see many UK people making teaching videos on China's TikTok-DouYin, everyday. With their broken English. Very funny.

  5. My heart goes to all the immigrants living in foreign countries that come looking for hope in these countries only to be disappointed.

  6. Hi, my name is Ana. Sorry for bothering you.

    My boyfriend is Korean and he lives in London. Saturday night, he was attacked because he is Asian. The police sent him to Manchester royal infirmary but they are not treating him because he doesn't have money to pay.

    He is almost dying because nobody wants help. His name is Chang Hong and he is alone, without friend and family. If you are a good person, could please help me to get news about him and to try to get him assistance. The hospital doesn't want give me information. I have called to the Korean Embassy but they didn't care about it. My number is +55 31 98399-3706.


  7. These cases are extremely isolated. It can seem widespread when few cases make the media. Media has to sell stories.

  8. Racism has always existed in some form or another since I was born here. Whatever the color. It got better over time in some places. The virus just gave the haters and trouble makers an excuse too show there true colors.

  9. I love Asian people I love everyone it don'ts matter were they from spread the message spread love & peace god bless you all .

  10. ・The empire on which the sun never sets


    Triple tongue diplomacy


    india Supervision

    Aboriginal massacre

    Potatoes famine

    Slave trade

    Boer wars


  11. uk is just shitty with racism , italy vs england . bs and the racist comments thrown at hate crimes involving asians

  12. The covid was cooked in french institute Pasteur in France !!! The wuhan lab is owned by soros and the director of the lab is the husband of the french minister of health ! WESTERN COUNTRIES MUST STOP BLAMING ASIANS FOR THEIR OWN SINS !!!!

  13. Im racist towards chinese people. Im just being honest. I will never say chi.. Or any other harrasment but believe me inside my soul i have some suspicious thoughts on chinese people. This virus almost made me lose my mom. I will nevwr forgive them. I hope you understand my reasons. By the way i respect japanese people, they are more confident and trusworthy for me

  14. not surprising. Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain one time kept saying 'ching chong' in 2019 and nothing happened. UK + Euro has always tacitly let anti-Asian racism slide. at least North America takes the time to speak about it openly.

  15. Its not easy to forget & forgive someone who has killed trillions of people all around the world

  16. Racism, colourism and discrimination of ANY kind against ANY human is unacceptable. It's a real shame there are still people out there abusing out there and online 🙁

  17. I was walking home and a kid shouted corona virus at me……. THATS NOT A HATE CRIME

    an old lady being SCARED of chinese people,,,,,, YEH thats also not a hate crime cos she now has a phobia of COVID and was told BY THE NEWS it came from WUhan. (gotta say white lady)

    the man "didn't tell you what race, because i'm guessing wasn't white" attacked me on the ground.

    nice if only i knew maderin then i could say for sure she said "WHITE MAN"

    for the record the BBC is stoking racial hatred cos they are part of the TRIAD system of control the Media the government and the corporations

  18. I'm half Japanese and Australian.
    Speak, read and write English and Japanese.
    One night I was out with a few Japanese cousin's and mates, out of the blue two white guys started having a go at us for speaking Japanese and that we're in a country where English is spoken so we should be speaking English only.
    My cousin's and mates ignored them, so did I til they said I'm a traitor to my skin colour.
    I had it, we got into a fist fight, two against one
    Fast forward, both got sent to the ER.
    Later on found out one of them is living Ina wheelchair with a tube hooked up to his throat, the other was in the looney hut
    Fast forward to now, both committed suicide

  19. I’ve been discriminated as a poles in uk
    Me hard working guy with clean criminal record who never been on benefits.
    But this always has been repeated by the politicians 😁 so I was just listen and okay let them talk few times I’ve been abused … all does terrific comments that polish food is shit that we doing to much at work or to fast 🤭
    I’m thinking 🤔 how someone can describe me if don’t know me 😁

  20. they're just random hate crimes by sociopaths. i too hate the average asian s.korean men as an asian as the average east asians are more insecure envious and abusive deliberately harm random people. there r nasty idiotic things south korean east asians do in public which you would never see happening in other nations in public. perhaps people r getting a bit more civilized bit by bit but east asians r yet too slow to catch up

  21. The term 'Asian hate' is stupid ignorant reinforcing racism desperately trying to reinforce, categorize Asians as "minority". Rather remember to sue your college and professor who were late to class or brought some porn magazine to class while your college ranked whatever top tier in some English college reports.

  22. Didn't you guys think that by showing India's poverty land and saying Indian are poor?that's. Asian hate!

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