ASMR Back Pampering | Brushing, Oil, Massage, Nail Drawing


ASMR Back pampering session with my friend Steph. Some up close sounds and visuals of dry body brushing, oil massage, back scratcher, smooth comb and finger tracing/drawing/tickling. Very light, some barely there whispers along the way.

09:05 – Wide shot soft spoken intro of items
03:43 – Dry body brush
07:26 – Dry hand brushes
09:04 – Wonder Oil & Massage
12:46 – Back scratcher / tickler
18:18 – Wide tooth comb
24:08 – Nail drawing and tapping

It was so lovely to have Steph over and film with someone else! I hope you enjoy the sounds and visuals. All the love in this world XX Emma XX

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Date: October 9, 2019

31 thoughts on “ASMR Back Pampering | Brushing, Oil, Massage, Nail Drawing

  1. This my first ever time seeing anything about ASMR. My mother used to do this to make me sleep when I was very very young, I'm surprised it's actually a thing these days. I think I'd fall asleep instantly if I felt that however I'd be too embarrassed to ask my gf for it. Hopefully she randomly stumbles across the idea and randomly happens without me saying anything.

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