Attacks on Sri Lanka churches and hotels – BBC News


At least 137 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, police and hospital sources say.

At least seven blasts were reported. Three churches in Negombo, Batticaloa and Colombo’s Kochchikade district were targeted during Easter services.

The Shangri-La, Kingsbury, Cinnamon Grand and a fourth hotel, all in Colombo, were also hit.

A curfew has been imposed from 18:00 to 06:00 local time (12:30-00:30 GMT).

The government also said there would a temporary block on the use of major social media networks.

No group has yet said it was responsible for the attacks.

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Date: August 25, 2019

46 thoughts on “Attacks on Sri Lanka churches and hotels – BBC News

  1. It take a religion like Islam to inspire someone to be a suicide bomber, you don't see Christians Jews Buddhists and Hindus doing this. Islam is by far the most backward, barbaric, violent religion of all time.

  2. what religious tension you talk Ameen???? you are always covering up your peoples shit behaviors in SL rather claim otherwise……. must squeeze the balls of those bastereds…

    Burma's action against those muslim behavior recommendable.

  3. all forgotten by the British puppet Coolie BasTURDS – products of rape victims of British looters . We call them Brown whites ,coconuts .The present PM his cronies like Rajitha, Mongrel are all Kalu suddas . they sold the brown catholics to their terrorist buddies just to stay in power .Justify queens re invasion ?.

  4. Herman Moore

    2 weeks ago

    These are probably state sponsored attacks to foment religious Wars throughout the world to distract the populations from other problems. While people are hating each other they do not see what is really happening.

  5. Sri Lanka entered into a security partnership with Pakistan, buying arms and ammunition in a big way since 1999. In fact, the dreaded Pakistan ISI was hired by Sri Lanka Army in its fight against LTTE. The ISI, allegedly, started recruiting from the Muslim minority community in Lanka to tackle LTTE. Sri Lanka will go to Pakistan for help now; or will it?

  6. Dear journalists, while you think about my ADEQUALITY in what I am writing to you, and this is the murder by general FSB, the bortovik financier Magnitsky, with the help of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, creating problems for your people and bringing me simple lieutenant of Satanic Russian armed forces IVANOV NIKOLAY living at Tambov 4, house 14 square 41 the local psychiatric clinic will heal me to a state of harmonious plants when I do not care about everything that happens.

  7. This is a planned murder with the help of politicians… Shame on the government… And this guy is quite acting like an extremists..
    Some how the invisible force behind the attack could not succeed their mission because of the unity in Sri Lanka.

  8. BBC, seriously? Deleting comments?

    And it’s not like it’s hate comments being deleted (one scroll shows there’s still plenty of those), it’s constructive ones (for example, mine explained the difference between “Islam” and “Extremism”)

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, going against such a basic right as freedom of speech.

  9. Islam has been terrorizing humanity for 1,400+ years. It was written thousands of years before that, that this would happen.

    God cast Allah from heaven. Muhammad was the anti-Christ. Satan is Allah.

    It was written.

  10. Terrorism occurs when factual truths are not being reported or investigated with integrity and Governance is infiltrated by secret handshake societies (corruption) and corporatized organized tax free haven religions promote zelotism and vengeance over love. When will the evil hate stop? Love GOD, your neighbor (everyone else) and love your enemies. The rules have not changed but the people have.

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