Autonomous regions of SPAIN explained (Geography Now)


THANKS to all the Spanish geograpeeps that helped with this! Especially the ones I met in Barcelona (And NO they were not all Catalan, they were from all over Spain)

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Date: November 28, 2019

32 thoughts on “Autonomous regions of SPAIN explained (Geography Now)

  1. Wow, good job!!! You got a lot of facts I didn't expect someone not from Spain would know. Just 2 dumb details: it's Covadonga in Asturias, and mount Teide. Props man!

  2. The division between nationality, region, and historical region, is utterly stupid, because the "nationalities", but for a couple of them, happen to be the least historical regions ever, the ones that were never autonomous, nor a kingdom, nor anything of the like. And the you get friggin empires, fully independent and powerful kingdoms with the most influential culture in Spain, as regions. It's plain nonsense. And if you ask any separatist, according to them, most of SPain should be theirs, because reality is they are imperialist brats, who just want to invade other regions. Bullfighting originated in Catalonia, and Andalusians do not have arabic influence in their speech. There is nothing arabic in the Andalucian acent. The proccesions take place all over Spain, not just Andalusia. And actually, most Basques are not independentist. Same you didn't mantion Blas de Lezo XD Celtics inhabited 2/3 of Spain, only the eastern and southeastern part of Spain were non-celtic people, but Iberians. Also, I think you used one photo from the aqueduct of Segovia while talking about Madrid, I may be wrong, though. And actually, the most corrupt region is Catalonia, by far.

  3. Algunas autonomías no corresponden con las regiones españolas. En los 70 separaron a Logroño y Santander de Castilla la Vieja y unieron las provincias restantes con León. En Castilla la Nueva separaron Madrid, y llamaron a la autonomía Castilla-la Mancha, erroneamente porque la Mancha es una comarca castellana. Espero haber colaborado.
    Un saludo

  4. saying that catalan is also speak in Valencia its just poor research man. In valencia they speak valencian which is older than catalan and much more important through history. Just some facts:
    – First dictionary: Valencian (1472) – Catalan (1503)
    – First grammar: Valencian (1570) – Catalan (1814)
    – First printed Bible: Valencian (Biblia Parva in 1477) – Catalan (1832)
    – First relevant literature: Valencian (Tirant lo Blanch and s.XIV and XV) – Catalan (XIX)
    – First written document: Valencian (s.IX) – Catalan (s.X)
    And the most important one in my opinion, the first golden age of literature from the entire fourteenth and fifteenth century in which it flourished, continuing in the sixteenth century. Just to put you in context: Portuguese s. XVI; English s. XVII and French and German s. XVIII.

    I am just saying this so people who do not know history dont get confused with some lies that catalonian try to make you believe.

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