BBC Duniya में India और World की Top News देखिए Sarika के साथ (BBC Hindi)


महाराष्ट्र में बीजेपी शिवसेना गठबंधन को मिला बहुमत फिर भी सरकार बनाने में क्यों और कहां फंसा है पेंच. हरियाणा में सत्ता का गणित बिठाने की कोशिश जारी लेकिन किसके हाथ में है सत्ता की चाबी?

ऐसे ही और दिलचस्प वीडियो देखने के लिए चैनल सब्सक्राइब ज़रूर करें-

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Date: November 9, 2019

20 thoughts on “BBC Duniya में India और World की Top News देखिए Sarika के साथ (BBC Hindi)

  1. 3: 90. Indeed, those who disbelieved after their belief, then increase their disbelief; their repentance will never be accepted, such are those who have gone astray.

    Here mentioned ‘gone astray people’ include both the hypocrites and their blind followers. The hypocrites are reading verses 87: 9-12 which say: The unlucky will abstain from the Book Dhikra who will be roasted in the great Fire. verses they are reading and hearing are being recorded in their skins which will argue against them on the Day of Judgment. They are mentioned as the worst among 1000 communities of creatures since they are deaf from hearing Adhikr and dumb from talking about It to the mankind. They are the Mujirim who don’t utilize the intelligence as explained in verse 2: 151.

    The hypocrites never mention any of the 40 names of Adhikr such as Adhikr, Dhikra, Dhikree, Hadeeth, Light and Proof. Instead, they utter ‘Qur’an’ which means ‘for repeated reading’. Their followers by reading Body of the Book dart away from the Dheen as an arrow is darted away from the bow. Both of them will dispute and blame each other in the Hell as explained in verses 2: 166-167 since they have been hiding and rejecting Adhikr (the Ticket to the Paradise as well as Safeguard against the Hell). Actually, Adhikr is the only Weapon against terrorism, bloodshed, mischievous activities and all satanic footsteps. The harmony of mankind is possible only with It. See the explanation 1: 7 and 2: 90-91.

    91. Indeed, those who disbelieved and died as ‘Kuffar’, then never would be accepted from such of them as much gold as the Earth contains, even they ransom with it; such of them have painful punishment, and they will have none from helpers.

    The Kuffar mentioned in this verse is those who are repeatedly rejecting and hiding verses of the Lord’s Book. In this verse as well as in 9: 123 and in 48: 29 Kuffar are the hypocritical transgressors. Kuffar mentioned in verses 9: 68, 73 and 66: 9 are the gone astray people. In any verse if Kuffar or Fujjar is alone mentioned, it includes both the hypocrites and their gone astray followers. At the time of death, Lord will tell them: “You are among the disbelievers” as told in verses 39: 58-59. The hypocrites will enter the bottom of the Fire even without Trial as told in verse 4: 145, whereas the gone astray people will be led to the Hell after Trial as told in verse 39: 71.

    verses such as 5: 36; 10: 54; 13: 18 and 39: 47 are also having the same Message of verse 3: 90-91. See the explanations 2: 27-28, 254 and 3: 77.

    From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord's Book


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