BBC News 311167 – part1


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  1. I love all these old news reports ,basicaly what they are saying is
    the Indian Government worked with the USA to get her out of India to Rome then Geneva .

  2. 60,000 people at the Everton ground, all on terraces, no seating and the stadium probably dangerously overcrowded.

    Those were the days.

  3. no sex please were british wow robert doughals voice is typical of that time period,the news is basically the same shit we get chucked at us all today,known though intodays terms as "FAKE NEWS" SENSATIONALISM

  4. The quality of the studio lighting on Robert Dougal can be seen to be superb. From my own knowledge in photography, I know that lighting has to be particularly good when limited to black and white… and better yet for relatively low-rez imagery.

  5. This couldn't be from November, as the FA Cup 5th round always takes place in the spring … I've checked the date of that Everton – Liverpool tie that was mentioned and it took place on Saturday 11th March 1967 – so that's the date of this bulletin

  6. The visuals used on news broadcasts back then were slightly better than coloring books. Although, at least coloring books are in color. LOL

  7. It is dismaying how little television news survives from as late as the 1970s. I find it bizarre that the broadcasts weren't preserved. It is fascinating to see the few news programme from the 1960s that remain. Some things are different, of course, but many other things have changed little in 50 years.

  8. Thanks for this video, I have been struggling to find an example of the B.B.C. News of this period. I grew up watching "Robert Dougall & Charles Wheeler", amongst others, I always felt inclined to take notice of them, more so than the politicians. They were of my parents generation, so sadly now gone, but, not forgotten by me.
    R.I.P. Robert & Charles, absolute professionals through & through.
    If you do not mind, I will "Add To" my page.  

  9. i love the old way bbc read the news b efore she dumbed herself down.
    bring back the old style speech, educated english.
    nowadays, they have people like cilla black reading the fucking news.
    bad s peech, bad grammar and so on.
    there isnothing wrongwith a local dialect but it should be spoken with EDUCATED speech. educated grammar. correct pronunciation.

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