BBC News Penrhyn Quarry to open 100mph zip line


Footage of the ISC ZipWorld Trolley in action on the ZipWorld Little Zipper. ZipWorld has two Zip lines on site in Penrhyn. The “Little Zipper” is 450m long, but the main attraction for adrenaline hungry thrill- seekers will be the 1750m long “Big Zipper”! Those brave enough to take on the Big Zipper will fly down the quarry at speeds in excess of 75mph/110kph.

To achieve this kind of speed, a special Zipline Trolley was needed, so when we got the call, we got our Engineers straight to work in taking on the challenge!

The ZipWorld Trolleys needed to be big, but not too heavy. They needed to be built with the strength and rigidity to withstand the most extreme of environmental conditions. Each ZipWorld Trolley is fitted with top grade Bearings, capable of running at high speeds and performing consistently within a wide range of environmental temperatures. The Wheels are made from a special material, capable of tens of thousands of zip miles, without causing undue wear to the cable. The wheels also offer a low decibel out put during the flight.

The first 100 ZipWorld Trolley units were delivered on schedule for flight testing, prior to the media launch and official ZipWorld opening and it is with great excitement that we anticipate the tremendous success of the new ZipWorld attraction!

Coming soon…footage of the ISC ZipWorld Trolley taking flight on the BIG Zipper!


Date: December 14, 2019

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