BBC Sport Final Grandstand Ending – January 2007


Grandstand was one of the BBC longest running sports shows but ended on Sunday 28th January 2007. Here is the end of the programme, presented by Clare Balding, with some of the highlights of its 49 year history.


Date: May 9, 2020

40 thoughts on “BBC Sport Final Grandstand Ending – January 2007

  1. This is when live sports actually used to be a thing on free to air TV. Free to air channels don't have a pot to piss in and now show absolute trash. Scrap TV licence forever

  2. 48 years then it was gone, even 12 years ago the BBC was losing sports & now its left with virtually nothing, they can never have a programme like this again, not enough content for 30 min let alone a whole afternoon !

  3. The fact that this is on BBC 2 says it all. Grandstand had sport for everyone and anyone. The words that set up your Saturday afternoon "And now on BBC 1, Grandstand, with Desmond Lynam"

  4. Typical of modern day TV at the end. Grandstand ends and what follows? 2 and a half hours of soap opera shit. It all went down hill from there really on the BBC

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