Bearing repeats the fake news of the Daily Mail


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Bearing repeats the fake news of the Daily Mail acts as a response of sorts to Bearing’s UK medical association bans the word mother.

His video claims that the NHS banned its doctors from calling mothers “mothers” based on a Daily Mail clickbait piece.

Its an answer to inaccuracies reported by the tabloid media, or full on fake news and the way that these lies or inaccuracies are then found on anti SJW or anti feminist channels to firm up their stand on political correctness, trans issues or against SJWs etc

In my view youtube content creators such as Bearing and the rest of those that consider themselves the skeptic community have a responsibility to fact check to ensure that they are not passing on lies to their audiences. Its a matter of trust, although I see the Daily Mail regularly used by the anti SJW community as a reliable source, even though (as I point out in the video) wikipedia has stopped using it because of its sensationalism,
Clickbait is only part of the problem when the reporting of the facts themselves are also wrong.
I also address trans issues and some aspects of political correctness.


Bearing video
Noel Plum video

Daily Mail piece
Daily Mail / Press Association piece

BBC report on opinion of trans man considering having a baby

Office of National Statistics on UK births

My video response to the anti feminist Karen Straughan that I mentioned:

For the record perhaps some might be offended by the broad strokes suggested in this video. I am not saying that all anti SJW content creators don’t care about evidence, use reputable sources or are capable of making a somewhat balanced argument.
Noel Plum who I refer to in this video, is one such youtuber, even if I don’t necessarily agree with his conclusions.
People that make an effort deserve credit in my book.
Less respect is due to those who can’t be bothered to do any research.
Sadly though, that is most of those channels who want to expose the evil of SJWs to the exclusion of skepticism about their own sources.

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Date: October 13, 2021

24 thoughts on “Bearing repeats the fake news of the Daily Mail

  1. Gosh I know one trans person trying to have children at the moment. ofc they are laying off the hormones until the baby is weaned. Trans people's reproductive rights is a big issue, that most people rather not aknowledge that we may want families , so we don't talk about, but as someone who is LGBT and moves around places where are trans people are more relaxed to be themselves, I can tell you that trans men having babies is not as rare as you would think it is (they often do it before they transition ofc).

  2. Superb video (Your videos get better each time). An exercise I undertook a couple of years ago was to, every few days, sit down with the main story from 'The Daily Mail', and using Google – try to check as many of the 'facts' as I could. It was shocking how many of the stories turned out to be absolutely false, or at best – based on a grain of truth that had been distorted out of all proportion. Many of the 'facts' in Daily Mail stories existed nowhere other than in their own stories.
    The Daily Mail gets away with this lying, as they can usually claim that an 'insider' (who they can't name) – from the police force, the health service, or whatever – has given them this 'information'.
    The Daily Mail has had more complaints (through the Press Complaints Commission) upheld against it than any other U.K newspaper, but the P.C.C is powerless to adequately punish them, so they can just forget about each upheld complaint, issue a tiny apology or make a small payment, and then carry on lying. (For a very interesting BBC radio programme about how dreadful U.K tabloids such as 'The Daily Mail' & 'The Daily Express' lie & get away with it, check out the video on my channel – 'Misrepresentation Of Muslims in U.K Newspapers').
    A few months ago, I noticed Sargon Of Akkad was regularly using 'Daily Mail' stories (any of which were entirely false) as the basis for his 'This Week I'm Stupid' videos. I don't know if he is any more, as I can't be bothered looking at anything on his channel any more.

  3. i think bearing is a total piece of shit to be frank. but i'm also absolutely fucking sick of people telling me the fun new names i must use for my body parts. if you arent a woman i dont expect you to understand but we're getting fucking sick of it. the press secretary of the womens march gleefully tweeted repeated about going around the march telling women who had signs mentioning breasts and uteruses that they were being transphobic. that was literally the main topic of discussion on tumblr during the largest protest ever held in the u.s. history. a youtube feminist had a post about how things like that make trans people feel sad on his fb page and when i questioned it and stated WOMENS RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT THEIR OWN BODIES people started screeching "TERF" at me and telling me to fuck off. (i am pro trans rights and not a rad fem so it doesnt even make sense when people do this).

    i no longer have a vagina, dont you know? its a FRONT HOLE. i recently read an entire article about menstruation on a mainstream publication that didnt use the word woman/women once. it was "people with uteruses". lesbians are being told they are transphobic for refusing to sleep with trans women.

    please contact me for approximately a billion more examples demonstrating how this is the new misogyny. any time i question anything with regards to the sex i was born as i get screeched at and sent violent threats and death threats – as do all other women who balk at erasure.

  4. The Daily Mail is crap and Bearing, Sargon, Dave Rubin, Lauren Southern, AmazingAtheist, ArmouredSkeptic etc aren't skeptics: they aren't part of "the skeptic community" they are part of the "Entertainment Community." Just like Meryl Streep… or now Danielle Bregoli (a new member of their guild): Their specialty is donning a clown suit and prancing for our amusement. Their opinions should hold the weight of one whose job it is to prance for our amusement in a clown suit.

  5. You're triggering the right using the word "lie" The Daily Mail doesn't lie, it just reports "alternative facts"

    Fake facts are truths you wish were false.

    Alternative facts are lies you wish were true.

    That Daily Mail front page just had to have a picture of Princess Diana on there, it's usually the Daily Express who use their front page for the "Di: Still Dead" guff.

  6. The left has become the same as the religious right, claiming moral superiority and telling people how to behave.
    Oh, nothing to do with this article, just felt like sharing an insight ive have recently had.

  7. Its sad when people don't check their sources.
    Thanks for fact checking tho. Hard to know who is telling the truth on youtube.

  8. Jesus, this sort of explains everything about Bearing. Imagine growing up thinking that the Daily Mail was a real source of news. It's like growing up on a diet of steroids and meth. Constant paranoia, fear, anger, and living in two completely different versions of reality that frequently clash.

  9. Regarding the ONS statistics about births (about 11:05), I don't think that 'live births in England and Wales' (shown by SJW101) is the same as 'women give birth in Britain' (Bearing's claim). When I checked the ONS source given by SJW101 and looked at the 'latest release', point 1 (Main Points) says 'live births in England and Wales 697,852', but if you go down to point 9 (Number of live births in the UK rises), it says 'live births in UK 777,167'. Bearing said 775k women give birth in Britain every year, so I think you have to give that one to Bearing, and can't really call that one laziness.

  10. Freddy McConnell says "what they're saying in this document is if you're talking to a trans man about being pregnant, don't call him an expectant mother".

    I don't think the guide is saying 'if you're talking to a trans man' etc etc .. it simply advises that staff should use 'pregnant people' intead of 'expectant mothers'.

    At 8.52 you show a statement which appears on the first page of the BMA guide which finishes with the sentence 'we all need to be sensitive to changing expressions and meanings as they emerge'.

    If your employer handed you a guide from an association they were part of which told you you 'need to' do something, would you take that as an optional suggestion or a requirement?

    If this is fake news I'm quite happy to let my audience know, but this hasn't convinced me.

    Whether one would or should change their language is one thing, but it's not what we're concentrating on here. We're looking specifically at whether or not this is a requirement for staff under the BMA.


  11. Not defending bearing or speaking for him, but he's not a news outlet….he doesn't have to answer to anyone for anything he says. He gave an opinion on an article that was presented to him as-is.

    Just as Steve Shives got trolled and was condemned for saying that "it is typical of the right" which it fucking was not, you can pick apart Bearing for his outrage if given the story as true. The problem is, you can't….if the story were true, it would be stupid, and he said it was stupid, therefore his opinion is accurate against that stupidity…..nothing more nothing less. The story turns out to be false, no harm done.

  12. With the daily mail you can also put in there "The Independent" "The Guardian" and the BBC.

    There are very few news outlets I trust not to twist facts, have misleading headlines, be sensationalists, or outright lie.

    If you'd be as meticulous on every story they publish as you have been here, you'd see how many falsehoods they publish, or misleading headlines that most people read but never look at the fine print, creating a continuous false perception of reality in many readers.

    Bottom line is, never trust any news outlet, left center or right.
    Having that said note that most major news outlets are very left leaning, and they are very biased, only unlike most right leaning outlets, they are pertaining to be "objective" (my arse).

    Can you call me "you're highness" please? 😛

  13. We probably don't agree on much, but this was a good video. If you're as honest in your own assertions as you are with your criticisms, I'd be intrigued to hear more from you.


  14. He's a half-wit of he thinks the hard copy of DM is somehow 'better' than the DM online, which is what his last comment on this video appears to state :p

  15. Not surprised at all. I caught him spreading Infowars level fake news about Hillary in a thread a few months ago.

  16. Sadly, while the misinformation reaches thousands of viewers through his channel, few get the corrections here. I assume there`d be an effect if they cared, but I know they don`t.

  17. Isn't it strange how whenever anti–SJW's complain about words being "banned", the specific places the words are supposedly being banned in are only SUGGESTING people don't use those words. Garrett exposed Secular Talk for making this mistake in his lengthy, blow–by–blow response to ST's video in which ST claimed that one college would punish students for using certain words that were deemed "micro aggressions". Many news sources are trying to spin the mere suggestion that we should use different words to talk about things as the evil, SJW big brother trying to censor peoples' speech, and always make it seem as if those suggesting different approaches to discussing things are trying to threaten those who don't agree with them with some kind of punishment. But as we've seen with the Daily Mail, that's clearly not the case. Right wing news sources and youtubers are resorting to consistently and desperately distorting facts to uphold a ridiculous persecution complex around themselves, and yet they criticize social justice advocates for speaking out against legitimate injustices in the world.

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