'Beaten and tortured' by the Indian army – BBC News


Security forces in Indian-administered Kashmir have been accused of violently beating civilians in several villages, in the wake of the region being stripped of its autonomy.

The Indian army has denied these allegations.

The BBC’s Sameer Hashmi met several villagers who say they were beaten with sticks and cables, and given electric shocks.

Video edited by Anshul Verma.

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Date: January 1, 2020

44 thoughts on “'Beaten and tortured' by the Indian army – BBC News

  1. why dont you also show how many kashmiri pandits where rapped and murdered in the hants of islamic tyrants…

    Also take care of your country called Britan before it gets islamified…Streets of London are filled with islamic isis members

  2. We are Indians. And we have awsome excuses for this kind of crimes and inhumane activities for example- lynch someone or brutally beat someone to death then use these awsome excuses like bacha chor, cow meat or blame the past like once upon a time usne aisa kiya tha or in the name of country or religion then its totally fine here for the people. We are great Indians. Torture humiliation etc is nothing for us..

  3. BBC is one of the remaining stooges of British East India company. It hasn't come out of trauma of British leaving the country back in 1947 and today Indian economy is higher than theirs and Indian Army is way more stronger than theirs.

  4. Please don't support for your country support for humanity
    Just think about Kashmir innocent people they are not terrorists just common human beings stop torture to innocent people indian army🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Why world is sleeping against this brutality. Why West is quite on this, when cry over animal torture but they are humans. Where is UNO, USA, UK world champions to stop this. Shame on India.

  6. Have you ever thinked, why people praised that decision? Why 10 millions of people supported govt, & why they were against them.
    Why you BBC always shows a one face of a picture, why you guys always stand with people who are so innocent according to u, we knw what's the truth, so pls fuck off!

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