Becoming A CELEBRITY With Mac McClung! Exclusive Look Into His Life 🔥


Mac BREAKS the internet ►► https://ovrt.me/2o4m2oc
Zion vs Jalen Lecque in GAMEDAY ►► https://ovrt.me/2zJNMlK
Shareef vs Cassius in GAMEDAY ►► https://ovrt.me/2Bqmuoa

Had to head down to Gate City, Virginia to see what was good with Mac McClung. The first night we got there, Mac went between the legs and literally broke the entire internet. Day 2, we got to chill with Mac and go through what it’s like being a celebrity in your hometown. At night, Mac had his senior night which featured his dope family and friends. Mac and Gate City put on a show for their home crowd. Ish was LEGENDARY. This is another episode in our series GAMEDAY where we visit some of the best high school’s in the nation to see what’s up.

Big s/o to the entire Gate City community that welcomed us with open arms!

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Date: July 12, 2020

44 thoughts on “Becoming A CELEBRITY With Mac McClung! Exclusive Look Into His Life 🔥

  1. Say what u want i do not know mac personally but live 30 min away from gate city and u see what he doing in Georgetown now he makes SWVA proud best of luck Mac

  2. Mac, I love you. Listen: there's nothing whatsoever with your shooting. You're getting psyched out. Javon Blair is one of the most selfish, one of my least favorite players, but I'll say one thing for Blair. That guy chucks them up without a second thought, without a thought in the world. Take a page out of his book and then throw the rest away. Come on, throw the shots and don't think twice.

  3. Awww peanut butter on waffles and pancakes is the shit! The people that say it’s weird are the weird ones! Aint you related to Riff Raff!?!? He can ball too obviously not on your level but he’a got a good lookin shot!

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