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Don’t doze off just yet. Maybe they should be called bed blood bugs, an army of these can attack a person 500 times in one night!
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Bed Bugs | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: June 23, 2020

34 thoughts on “Bed Bugs | National Geographic

  1. I suspect I have bed bugs rn 😭How am I ever going to sleep tonight without getting bitten again? Anyone got advice? Ofcourse I am going to try and get rid of them but I still need a place to sleep. I have to sleep through it?

  2. I actually totrure them: I find a bunch, I put them on a small circular iron thing and pour a little water so they can't move out then I light a candle under the iron, and I see them dancing of fear and death welcoming death with faces of victims!!!!! I hate them soo much I also hate mosquitoes and flies like God just give me a reason why did you create these insects!?

  3. I beat bedbugs using baby powder and tupperware containers under my bedposts. One big one and one small one inside. They crawl up the side of the big one, fall inside, get baby powder all over them and cant climb up the small inside tupperware, or back out the large tupperware. They die within a few days. It's such a simple trap I couldn't believe it worked

  4. Tip if you see a few bed bugs: take a piece of masking tape and stick it on the bug and then fold the tape in half. It can’t escape and it can’t breath so it’ll slowly die without you having to use tremendous amounts of soul crushing energy to crush them.

  5. Had a bed bug infestation years ago. I tried everything to get rid of them but nothing worked. Then I read about how house centipedes feast on bed bugs. So I prayed to God for a centipede to show up. The next day, much to my surprise a centipede showed up. I was overjoyed and thankful. Within a couple of days my bed bug problem was gone – literally. Now house centipedes are welcome at my place.

  6. Guaranteed: Seems to be a secret since nothing online. All I did was buy
    a $70 hammock with metal poles, which they can't climb up. I would
    spray $1 rubbing alcohol (don't use fire in house) on them where they
    were hiding around the house and bed. Rarely I found them in my hammock,
    so I spray or put hammock in dryer (one male hitched a ride on my
    cloths a few times, but not getting bit alive was the best part). Since
    they can't feed on you, they eventually become nonexistent. It's been 2
    years after 2 years being bit. I felt I had millions, but after 3
    months, it was like zero. It takes them about 400 days to starve to
    death. I tried everything for 2 years but then found the perfect
    solution. I'm in Heaven now.

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