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Don’t doze off just yet. Maybe they should be called bed blood bugs, an army of these can attack a person 500 times in one night!
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Bed Bugs | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: September 7, 2019

38 thoughts on “Bed Bugs | National Geographic

  1. Guaranteed: Seems to be a secret since nothing online. All I did was buy
    a $70 hammock with metal poles, which they can't climb up. I would
    spray $1 rubbing alcohol (don't use fire in house) on them where they
    were hiding around the house and bed. Rarely I found them in my hammock,
    so I spray or put hammock in dryer (one male hitched a ride on my
    cloths a few times, but not getting bit alive was the best part). Since
    they can't feed on you, they eventually become nonexistent. It's been 2
    years after 2 years being bit. I felt I had millions, but after 3
    months, it was like zero. It takes them about 400 days to starve to
    death. I tried everything for 2 years but then found the perfect
    solution. I'm in Heaven now.

  2. Bed Bugs won't feast on you if you have alcohol in your blood. It's toxic/deadly to them. Go to bed after a few drinks, they'll eventually starve and crawl into the next house. One of the few problems solved from alcohol.

  3. Anyone dealing with these, do favor and get an inspection. Most reputable companies will do a FREE inspection, this will inform you of the severity and scope of the infestation. Don't be afraid to negotiate with the cost as well as seek out other companies. Also, I have some information on my site that will be useful to anyone concerned about bed bugs. You can find it on my YT profile.

    Best regards

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