Being Mike Tyson: Mimicking Ali's shuffle


Mike Tyson does his best to imitate Muhammad Ali’s shuffle.

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Date: January 14, 2020

29 thoughts on “Being Mike Tyson: Mimicking Ali's shuffle

  1. My dad had parkinsons disease for fifteen years. Seeing poor old mohammed Ali like this is terribly sad. It's a much much worse condition than you can guess just by looking at a person. Prayers for the Champ and his family.

  2. he is an example of a celebrity with strong healthy mentality. to fall from a superstar athlete to an old man with parkinson, but didn't fall into depression or anxiety. but keep continue doing charity work and never hide from public. always sober without drugs and alcohol too…this is what happens when you surrender yourself to Allah. you got nothing to lose

  3. It was nothing but love in this shot. Sure mike was showing but it was out of his deep admiration of the man. He laughed loud enough for the both of them. You can sense Ali’s humor in this picture. His little raising of the fist was Mike’s relieving moment that the GOAT is still in there.

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