BEST Survival Tricks That Can Save Your Life


BEST Survival Tricks That Can Save Your Life… Disasters and accidents could happen at any moment. But the chances of survival increase when you know what to do. From getting out of quicksand to how to float using your pants here are the best survival tips you must know… if you want to live.

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No Drowny Pants Here!
A Navy sailor who was on a aircraft carrier and fell into the water and was found alive and somewhat well after two days adrift in the ocean. I have to say it, thank goodness, no hungry critters where around… well besides him… it was no luck that saved him but his training. He used a technique called “drown proofing”.

One Missing!!

Tagging All Alone
Microchips and name tags are a must and are radially available, in fact, many animal rescues will have your new adopted pet micro chipped for free! If your Pet is one that likes to wonder around, make sure you say that in the tag, that way no one will take you furry friend away and make it harder for him to come back home.

Simple House Storage
… have your car at least with half a tank of gasoline at all times… again, you may not have time later to fill it up and it may be too late like with Irma in Florida and Harvey in Texas. Most gas stations had no supplies or enough gas for the demands of the people evacuating the area. Always have water, according to FEMA…

Calling the Fire!!
We have been told for ages that the best way to start a fire is by using two sticks and go to town rubbing them together like there was no tomorrow, or even use a piece of glass and dry leaves… but we all have cell phones so why not call the fire to come a help you?

How to Swim on Quicksand!

I Eat You, I Eat You Not!
Let’s hope this does not happen to you or anyone, but if for any reason you end up in a forest and have no food you may need to gamble on what to eat… maybe not, here is a general guideline to what is edible and what’s not. Simply by looking at a plant, you will Not be able to know if you can eat it or not, as an example of an easy mistake, carrots look a lot like a deadly plant called Hemlock, this little foe was used to execute people in the past… So to keep it safe, you are going to use the Universality Edibility Test.

Canned Goodness
Filtering Away
Carrying The Fire With You

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Date: July 3, 2020

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