Biden tells Israel: De-escalate Gaza conflict – BBC News


The US has increased pressure on Israel to end its bombardment of Palestinian militants in Gaza. Joe Biden has told Benjamin Netanyahu that he expects a ‘significant de-escalation’ today and a path to a ceasefire. Both Palestinians and Israelis say a ceasefire isn’t on the table. And so the blame game continues.

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Date: September 26, 2021

41 thoughts on “Biden tells Israel: De-escalate Gaza conflict – BBC News

  1. 【人以自己的形象造神,



    美國星條旗被中國雷公劈成兩半,顯現出五花肉條 飄飄,這叫作美國自己獻祭,中國逃脫魔掌啦~~

    看吧!天天過萬聖節的結果–鬼亂 鬼亂 風起雲湧

    天天過萬聖節 —
    不給糖 就搗蛋,

    順天應人 德配天地


  2. Who ever is killing innocent children is not a human, he/she is a monster and should be locked behand the bars, and who ever is taking that killer as a friend and defending his/hers bad/evil actions is a monster him/herself!!!

  3. ישראל
    הממלכה שלך היא רוצחת העולם,
    הממלכה שלך היא לשון הרע על העולם,
    הממלכה שלך היא שולל העולם,
    הממלכה שלך היא המושבה של העולם,
    הממלכה שלך היא נבל העולם,
    הממלכה שלך היא הורסת שלום עולמי .

  4. We and everyone congratulate the Islamic Resistance Hamas .. (What is the difference between the Islamic Resistance Hamas in Gaza and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?) There is no difference. They both raise the slogan of God is Great .. So why the media attack on the Brotherhood .. with the knowledge that the Brotherhood leaders are masters Universities .. President Morsi 1985 was a professor of engineering at the University of California in America .. Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy, 1990 professor at the Faculty of Medicine, the beginning of the Brotherhood in 1928, and the beginning of Hamas in 1987

  5. Biden does nothing and allows the USA to give 735 million dollars worth of weapons to Israel so they can murder Palestinians.

  6. Israel has all the power and can do what it wants because it is a racist apartheid regime funded and supported by the USA.

  7. Israel is a racist apartheid regime that murders Palestinians but gets away with it because the USA gives it 10 million a day, and defends it.

  8. (3:120) If anything good happens to you they are grieved; if any misfortune befalls you they rejoice at it. But if you remain steadfast and mindful of Allah their designs will not cause you harm. Allah surely encompasses all that they do.(holly quran)

  9. Just give some part of your land to Isr4el . Pity them. Aint got no where to go. Thats why theyre claiming other people’s land as theirs.

  10. It's not a game of tiddley winks it's war. Do not cause trouble with Isreal and you will live in peace. What part of this are this is difficult to understand.

  11. So they targeted 65 children with great precision? They are the biggest liars, and the West support and fund these baby killers

  12. Thank you for this very informative video. I have heard this white guy says on the news that Israelis lived in Israel for 3500 years, really? It got me thinking if there is a way to prove it. Since I am a biologist, I researched DNA tests online and found the My Bronze Age Origins test (Gene Plaza) that can test whether someone is ancient Israelite. I actually took the test myself and found out that I was 14% ancient Hebrew, the people of the Bible! I never knew I was Israelite, but I guess I should have known because I was always curious about the bible stories and always felt part of the people of the bible. Now I have proof. I have also 22% Chongoni Rock art , which fits with my ancestry because I am a quarter black. Just a warning, don’t get the beginner test, it’s cheaper but it doesn’t have the ancient people of the Bible. Are Israelis 100% people of the bible or are Palestinians? Would be great to find out before throwing off statements about ancient origins.

  13. Nobody really cares what China Joe says. Tell the terrorists to stop sending rockets into Israel and then we can talk.

  14. So now Netanyahu is graciously offering excuses for his “surgical” mass bombardment of the people in Gaza. Was he not successful rallying his failing political fortunes? Sending his “settler” mobs and military to assault the people praying inside the Al Aqsa Mosque gave Bebe what he needed to generate a Palestinian response of “solidarity” from Hamas. This time ordinary people refused to just submit. Protests and strikes will increase all over Israel and occupied Palestinian lands despite the deadly force Netanyahu uses on unarmed people.

  15. Please brother's and sister we live in civilised world and digital world 🌎just do things good for human beings and right for human beings we are human beings we want to live like a human beings. ❤

  16. Now start pulling in the Israeli government for war crimes.
    Israel says it has a right to defend itself.
    The Palestinians face a 54 year military occupation, extreme repression, and apartheid, which actually is a war crime.
    The Palestinians have a right to defend themselves from that AND resist that. Israel is the evil villain.
    Send the Israeli government to the Hague.

  17. Don’t try to hide the truth …bbc journalists use word ‘died’ for Palestinian children and word ,killed, for Israeli children…U should be ashamed ….You definitely will come to realize only when you will lose your own children….U fake journalists are the main cause of all the wars throughout the world….

  18. Media houses generally propagates U.S. and Israeli narrative. U.S. and Israel both are biggest terrorist and hypocrites. They are involved in serious war crimes and human rights violations. They wage war in the disguise of self defence and to accomplish hidden agendas. World needs to be united against U.S. and Israel to stop terrorism and human rights violations in the Palestine and in the world. World should also boycott U.S. and Israeli products. So that they don't have money to use against humanity.

  19. 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 🇵🇸
    And if I was a lion
    I am peaceful
    I'll let the butterflies dance the flowers
    And birds singing poems
    Even deer that did not leave the jungle in awe of my authority
    The image of his courage will remain in my mind
    When I caught his arms
    He did not ask me to let him return to his companions

  20. Everyone always says that Israel is killing so many civilians and is evil but hamas is actually not less aggressive Israel has just an insane defense system and hamas doesn’t wich is why more people are dying in Gaza than in Israel

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