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Date: May 9, 2020

46 thoughts on “Big Gossip News

  1. Chris, I just discovered your channel a few days ago, and I think you're awesome! I just want to chime in with those who have requested more of these he said/she said videos, because you and Jess are FANTASIC together! You are both extremely photogenic, articulate, comfortable in front of the camera and comfortable with each other, and it makes for enjoyable viewing! Actually, I think YOU collaborate extremely well in general and would do well in a broadcasting career. I am gay, and I love to see how comfortable you are with your gay friends, but I must admit there is something special when you hit the screen with Jess. Anyway, just some relatively objective observations. 🙂

  2. I'm so glad you both still do these videos.  I find myself consulting them for myself and friends alike.  Do please continue.  Has to be my favorite series of videos. 

    Don't forget men gossip as well.  We can be just like women in that aspect.  I've caught myself as well as others doing it. Weather it was unintentional or not, it was still gossip.  lol

  3. I HATE gossip!  The piece of gossip in question always ends up getting turned around, changed, passed on to the wrong person and someone always gets hurt. It's ridiculous.

  4. I don't like gossip honestly. There's a lot out there. And it's not just women who do it men also do it. I have had some men tell me oh well, this guy isn't good for you because he's this this and this. And it isn't true at all. I go to the person not listen to the gossip. Rumors can be in this category as well. Cause you don't know till you talk to the person. Learn for yourself and if they are true ok but if they're not who cares. I have had gossip about me that I was pregnant by this guy and we were together which is somewhat true now but it wasn't when the gossip started. I just think it's childish honestly lol

  5. I honestly hate gossip, because I have been on every end and seen every angle and it NEVER ends well. I've been hurt by it, had potential friendships ruined, had good friendships ruined, seen it bring out the best and worst in people. Information is power and people love to abuse it. I've had conversations where I am catching up with friends and other names get brought up, but I do my best to make it a point never to act on it, and to let it be forgotten.

  6. I love Jess! I'm not gonna lie, part of we kind of wishes you two were dating every time I watch these vids. You guys would make a super cute couple, lol. I despise gossip, if it's a big ordeal. Now me and one of my best friends (who is also a coworker) gossip about our coworkers all the time, but we both do so knowing neither of us will repeat what the other said. We don't make nothing up, we just discuss things that they've told us. And we never say anything that we wouldn't say to their face. Now another coworker gossips about everyone in the store, and even in front of customers. Making up lies and stuff. Now that kind is what irks me.

  7. @SupDaily06 Guys I go through this all the time. People think that just because I'm single and not sleeping with everyone that I'm gay. I have a brother and his wife who've made it their lives mission to tell everyone this. This makes me mad. I feel that if a person can't be adult enough to come to me and ask then they need to leave me alone. Thank you guys for posting this. I don't feel alone now!

  8. Oh come on! You know how many lying cheating bastards are out there that will deny having another girlfriend! Sometimes gosip is the only way you can find out the truth. The guy will always be like don't you trust me, if you don't I'm off.. bla bla bla… to make you feel bad, and turns out he was cheating on you.

  9. Gossip… The best policy is to stay out of it and only talk to a couple people you trust. Everyone gossips here and there, but myself for example, I won't say anything without being willing to say it to the person's face. The telephone game is not one to play in real life. You two should date, btw… So cute together.

  10. Seriously, give the women a break… Cheaters are everywhere and the women are just looking for someone they can trust. Sometimes getting the truth is like playing telephone.

  11. You can't hold it against people if they listen to gossip of that nature at first.  That girl knew her friend better than she knew you.  You could have been lying about whether or not you had a GF.  Men and women lie about that.  You should give her another chance.

  12. It's so unreal how easily information can be distorted through just a couple of people.

    Imagine how information can be distorted over centuries… ahem…. The Bible. And it makes sense, because it's called the GOSPAL. 😉

  13. It's so easy to talk about other people in their absence. In my opinion, it's not the act of talking about someone that's wrong, it's what's being said about this person that's wrong. If you're praising someone or talking about something good they've done or just having good thoughts about them in general is not a bad thing. In fact, it would make me feel good to know that people are saying good things about me. On the flip side, if you're defaming someone's character based on information that you have heard from someone else, that's when it becomes a bad thing. Like Chris said, you should consider everything you hear but don't believe everything you hear. We owe it to each other to find out the truth before spreading more potential lies.

  14. Gossip is the grown up's version of Chinese whispers/telephone/whisper down the lane etc etc. You can only put so much weight in what someone else tells you about someone else. If you choose to listen to gossip then you're choosing to listen to a diluted truth. In fact it can be so diluted that there is no actual truth left.

    Best method to get the truth about stuff. Talk to the person you want the truth from, be open and honest.

  15. I usually love your videos, Chris, and I agree with the sentiment of the video, but I am really annoyed by the generalisation 'We all gossip'. Actually, no, we ALL don't. I loathe gossip, find it trivial, often mean-spirited and generally a waste of time. I don't have female friends, and my best friend is a non-gossiping male so I for one, do not spend time gossiping. Please don't generalise.

  16. I don't like to be around people who trash talk, but of course third parties come up in conversations, and you're not going to check every piece of information first-hand. No big deal.

  17. @SupDaily06 I love friendship between you and Jess. It's great to watch you both interact with each other. Goes for show that guys and girls can be JUST friends.

  18. Excellent video!    It's amazing how things can go, isn't it?  One little mix-up can be soooo interesting.  It can be like an Abbott and Costello routine at times 🙂 

    Gotta ask the source!  I am sure I've gossiped a few times myself but I try not to.  It can be painful at times for those who are the "target", however unintentional.

    Ah, but wouldn't that make TV boring at times…..

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