Birdwatching with FARC | National Geographic


Diego Calderón was researching birds in a remote area of Colombia when he was kidnapped by FARC. Now, years later, he’s decided to return to meet former FARC members and hopefully find some meaning in what happened.
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Birdwatching with FARC | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: February 21, 2020

36 thoughts on “Birdwatching with FARC | National Geographic

  1. Is it wrong to think that, like all organisms, and all the knowledge we have about natural evolution, we (humans) would evolve and adapt to climate change? Or is it climate change happening too fast for us to adapt?

  2. It’s better to forgive and remember, rather than to forgive and forget. For how can you better yourself if you don’t remember the wrongs? Anyways, this was a very wholesome video. Reminds me how nature can really bond us together.

  3. Logging 🌲🌲and the mass production of meat 🥩 and the land it needs for growing cattle feed is releasing massive amounts of toxins back into are atmosphere from logging around the world the Amazon is being Strip of its forests 🌳 it’s trees 🌲 and destroying wildlife habitats so do some think good for are environments and help change your diet and stop the massive logging in this world say No to logging

  4. This shows how an emotional baggage can be disposed to a great good. Living in peace is so underrated nowdays, that when someone who's willing to forgive appears, it shocks the society.

  5. The world could learn about this real story of the virtue of forgiveness.I wish somebody could make this as a movie for the whole world to see.The second commandment of God is for us to love one another.Each and everyday i pray for this kind of story.Each and everyday i pray to God why are we building weapon of mass destruction instead of building bridges to connect us to one another.Why cant we use this money to end global poverty.Why cant we use this money to tackle the problem of global warming.I am observing in this video that the land is barren and the trees are not healthy.They should plants trees here.Thank you National Geographic for sharing this story.God bless all your crews.

  6. What a touching story of forgiveness…..and learning. This story made this 60 year old construction worker well up with tears. Thanks to the Producers for bringing this story to film.

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