Birth Mother of Natalia Grace Says She's a Teenager


The Daily Mail found Natalia Barnett’s birth mother – and things just got very interesting.

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Date: October 18, 2020

40 thoughts on “Birth Mother of Natalia Grace Says She's a Teenager

  1. That women is about 30 years old she is 100% not a teenager. Anyone who says other wise just doesn't want to face the facts, even if I did believe some of the excuses people are making for that women my counter argument is. How tf did that "six year old" have fully grown pubic hair and already came into the house having a period??? SIX YEARS OLD AND HAS A PERIOD OH HELL NO.

  2. after watching this, the girl was a child! omg so neglectful! if it is true the girl needs to sue for steeling her child hood and slandering her name! and if she really thought the child was an adult, then the Barnett's are schizophrenic's! suffering server psychosis.

  3. Why they did not give her back to the shelter she was in if they do not want her anymore??????? Why they put in apartments

  4. I do believe that she did not lie about her age but I had thats strange feeling that she had secretive side that will shown later

  5. Lots of 22 year olds get kicked out of home and have to learn to cope? No it's not illegal to kick your kid out when they're legally an adult.

  6. Just Released—BioMom CONFIRMED by DNA. She’s only 40 herself. Gave prosecution all hospital & delivery & adoption papers. UNDENIABLE PROOF N was a child, born 2003

  7. why is everyone Believing and believing and not testing the mother and the kid? and getting to the truth, no more halfcocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I dont care what a doctor tells me i gave birth to that child im not ever leaving that unless im dying then i dont have a choice

  9. Why would the neighbours not call the police if they had discovered a 10/11 yr child living by themselves with a disability if that is the age they honestly thought she was ???? To not of called the authorities imo means they actually believed her age.I call BS on this story on both sides.

  10. It seems like such stories can happen only in the US. This is insane. I highly doubt that girl's age was faked in Ukraine, because in Europe such things simply is illegal. My grandma's documents were lost when she was a baby and she was registered as two years younger than she actually was. Even though she knew her date of birth authorities would never change this, simply cause it is illegal.

  11. You're wrong about so much from what I'm fact checking. Number 1 thing we can be 100 percent sure you're wrong about is them going to the orphanage and looking at the documents of her birth and early child hood. Investigators can't even see those documents!

  12. Her records SHOULD BE SEALED, unavailable to the public, only available to court & whoever takes care of her. Let her have her privacy.

  13. All of us who are not medical specialists, and don't know how this disorder would affect a person's appearance, should not assume we can tell how old she is, by looking at her. The people who've met her disagree on her age, based on her appearance, conduct, and level of maturity. How are strangers able to figure it out? We're not.

  14. Idk why but I think the this family wasn't able to accept her visually specially the mother. Maybe Natalia had some advanced growth in some areas of her body and the mother wasn't able to patch it up with Natalia's age mentally. And it's also as if she perceived her as a monster or something when it all comes from her mind. Having one prodigy kid and then Natalia maybe it was scary for her I don't know…this is such a crazy story. But the birth mum actually is Natalia's carbon copy.

  15. I have met a lady that looks more like me than even my siblings. Weirdly we’re people have called me to ask if we were related. It was almost like a twin of mine. And when we met we were forced to have a dna test to be sure there wasn’t a mix up some where . Turned out we weren’t related at all. So resemblance isn’t a factor

  16. Something just doesn’t add up with the story. How does an 8 year old survive a whole year by her self? Neighbours could not have taken care of her and not call on social services. How can she sound so sophisticated at that age? Why haven’t they come up with a DNA test to verify the actual birth mother? People come up with stories all the time

  17. I think brith mom didnt want deal with her.and she seems like she is lieing on her age and being a kid so she can be tooken care of for lie and surgeries paid.shes a conarits wake up she looks 25.she helps cook and clean no kid knows that or has hair or pried down there at 8 pried 10 but not 8 omg people this a fake she's lieing.

  18. Never in my life have I been so disappointed and disgusted to share my last name with ppl. My last name is Barnett. (There is no relation between me and these Barnett's just same last name) such shitty shitty people. BTW my full maiden name is Destiny Raine Barnett.

  19. Bernetts are evil, i read that spark book it sounds like Kristine..! I wish i did not spent my money on her book! Nataliya on those photos looks like very much a child!

  20. I don't think the poor baby even knows how old she is she really don't look any older then 16 in the newest video it's not her fault the white (step father) looks crazy his self

  21. People who have never be taught, or have never been to school, dont know how to make full sentences and dont speak like adults. And i feel like a dna test with the birth mother would clear this all up.

  22. If the biological mother is 40-something than Natalia is in her 20s or a teen. Which means in 2008 she would’ve been a child or teen, not an adult.

    But there’s still some things that are said that say otherwise, but who knows it could be lies.

  23. And this "mother" says when the child was 5 she was told that she was being adopted by an american family. Which american family?

  24. My issues with this

    1)By the time the Barnetts took (age 6) her she had been in and out of 30 foster homes. Why?
    2) she supposedly came fresh from ukraine but did not have an accent, spoke English and didnt understand Ukrainian
    3) full pubic hair at 6?
    4) why would doctors and judges and other professional people change her age falsely?
    5) how was an 8 yr old living alone and attending adult classes?

  25. This birth mother of Natalia has NO, ZERO, NONE, Again NO RIGHTS to say anything about this ‘not child’ but grown ass woman, whatever! This is horrible! Dr. Phil was right on, calling her a sociopath psychopath demon child! The Barnett’s, have to be in hell! They are raising 3 gifted children, the oldest, a genius, a world-renowned author mother, they seem as parents, overachievers. They seem maybe wealthy, comfortable at least to be able to adopt a child. We can’t afford on a middle class income family to afford to adopt a child. That takes a special person, great supportive parents who have a cushion to live, to adopt a child, much less, a special needs child from The Ukraine. I feel so bad for this family, altogether, for raising a genius son, Jacob, and 2 other genius gifted children, living their life to the fullest,while adopting a psychopathic adult, since they were arrested & this story came out. I cannot imagine for these parents to have 3 children at home to raise, now their divorced, and these kids aren’t just happy, they’re thriving! So Kristine & Michael, you go! You have raised 3 productive intelligent children/ adults at the end of the day, be proud of yourselves, fight this til your dying breath, and try to still stay sane! They should have a civil lawsuit against Indiana state for pressing charges against them. Shame on you prosecutors in Indiana!! That’s not justice!! Criminals, like Natalia, have more rights than we do! You keep doing what you need to do Barnett’s. I’m so sorry that these idiots have damaged you & tore up your family. All my love to you.

  26. What 8 year old can live alone in a new country for a year AND take adult education courses? My son is 7 and at the the top of his gifted class and can’t be left alone for more than 30 minutes (with an adult somewhere in the home with him!). This is impossible. What 8 year old can last even one day in adult education classes two years into a new country with a new language? This bitch is like 40 and I doubt she started in the Ukraine.

  27. Stop it, its 2019, if she wants to identify as a 16 year old dwarf then she can! Also why has noone asked why she has full on American accent and is completely fluent in English…how has she managed to completely get rid of her Ukrainian accent or even learnt English that quick

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