Bizarre Melania Trump statue unveiled close to her hometown in Slovenia


The US first lady´s likeness was captured in a sculpture in her home town of Sevnica.

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Date: July 27, 2019

45 thoughts on “Bizarre Melania Trump statue unveiled close to her hometown in Slovenia

  1. Ever think the dudes not done?
    I am a wood carver, you always take as few risk as possible with sculpting or carving, hate to do all that work and break it in transport or attaching it to anything.
    Carved many canes that broke because I didn’t stress test the wood before a project.
    Lesson learned after a 2 year cane project broke before I finished

  2. I LOVE IT !! It fits her well 😉 ……. a clown next to a even bigger clown !! yes yes yes, maybe she is suppressed people say ? maybe, but is it alright to not act against evil when its RIGHT next to you while you KNOW it ? its not in my nature to give in to darkness atleast.

  3. I don't think it looks like her at all. I don't see any resemblance to anyone in particular. It could be anybody, but it appears dressed like it may be a human female with a scarf.

  4. That is BS. They accidentally hired a regressive liberal to paint it just like barry did and wound up getting what they didn't really want. I'd start a go-fund me page to commission another artist. It's disrespectful. The location seems remote to boot, but I don't know the geography like that to make that statement.

  5. No one can see the resemblance because they are looking at her from the outside in. This depiction and statue or monument seems to be resembling her from the inside out. 🤔 In other words, as an ugly person characteristically. Look at who she is married to and what he is doing to America and her people. An old man who committed adultery and still she lays beside him at night. What a naive woman.

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