Blair says No Deal Brexit would be just the beginning not the end


Former PM Tony Blair said Boris Johnson knew that he would probably lose a referendum on whether the UK should crash out at the end of October. But he warned that an election would be a much greater risk and Boris Johnson could win a ‘comfortable majority’. The Opposition is deeply divided over whether to push for a formal vote of no confidence in the government that could lead to a snap poll.

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Date: October 26, 2019

42 thoughts on “Blair says No Deal Brexit would be just the beginning not the end

  1. No deal is the only avenue left after all other options have been exhausted that honours the referendum result .The rest are E.U.road blocks to try and stop us leaving .
    The government is in check and has to make a move ,being forced into a no deal situation .

  2. The end No-deal plot is the end of Brexit negotiations, we just keep extending article 50 until people get bored with the whole issue and then we stay in forever. That's the EU remainer MP plan. Still not all bad. Apparently we got it wrong in the referendum and democracy is not what its cracked up to be. Better an ant-democratic, federal, globalist superstate telling us what to do from Brussels. Having given Government over to Brussels whether we vote Tory, Labour, Liberal, or raving loony party wont matter, because they wont have any power. More over MEP's don't have any power either, so you needn't bother voting – the EU would prefer that anyway. All the while you can rest easy knowing that Europe have your interests at heart over their own and that bureaucrats in Brussels know exactly what it is to be English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish.

  3. and to think , a toilet creep took us to war with iraq, i can understand why he was not popular at school, none of the boys could visit the loo without shifty blair peering over the partition at them

  4. Politics in this country has hit rock bottom,trust has,thanks to people like him creating division,the other shocker is how many in this country seem to have no clue what democracy means,or just pick it up and drag it along when its convenient for them

  5. 'No or little leverage to negotiate ' Bruh the EU call us treasure Island. They NEED us to buy their products. We have such a strong upper hand and yet no one sees it

  6. This is one of those filthy little criminals who said that Iraq had some kind of doom weapons and that they were going to nuke us all or something, and then sent the troops there to die while helping the US completely destroy that country.

  7. It's as if the UK hasn't already taken a vote to leave the EU – that's precisely what the referendum was for in 2016. The Leave side won, now the losers are acting like undemocratic fool's attempting to destroy democracy in the UK.

  8. Carry on writing your books and attending talks being paid massive heaps of money to find your blood soakened hands of war…. People may ask how Blair sleeps at night knowing he is a murderous man? Haha this Blair sleeps all too well with all the money and freedom he has not tried as a warlord

  9. This man in part of a political class who do not recognise the democratic result of the people's vote in the referendum. Saying that we should not leave without a deal is like going into a car showroom and telling the salesman you won't leave the showroom without a car. Just like the car salesman would rub his hands and stitch you up the the worst deal imaginable in the same way the EU will do the same, if we let idiots like Blair dictate to us that we won't leave the EU without a deal.

  10. GO AWAY to what ever cave you've been hibernating in the last decade. YOU had your chance and YOU BLEW IT! NOBODY neither believes or trusts a single word you say. YOU are CORRUPT to the CORE! Grrrr

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