Bodycam footage shows new details of George Floyd’s arrest


Leaked #police bodycam footage obtained by Daily Mail shows new details of #GeorgeFloyd’s fatal #arrest.

Black Lives Matter Protests

Racism & anti-racism

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Date: October 16, 2020

29 thoughts on “Bodycam footage shows new details of George Floyd’s arrest

  1. They need to shoot these people with tranquilizing dart like they would a bear then put them in a cage and take them to the station nobody killed

  2. This man was clearly scared for his life for real mixed with possibly high but he still didn't deserve to die the way he did

  3. Saying he can’t breathe long before he had to be taken to the ground. Was asked if he was on something and he said no. Clearly can see the fentanyl on his tongue before he was removed from his car. Was foaming at the mouth long before taken to the ground. Had he answered them truthfully and told them he swallowed a large amount of fentanyl they may have been able to save his life.

  4. They didnt even ask for id or introduce themselves or anything just pulled him over with three guns this situation shouldn't even be questioned imagine yourself in this situation even if he was on drugs tbh he looks afraid i would be too there is no excuse to murder someone he lost his life ……..

  5. This should have been seen on the news. The media only showed part of what really happened. You can here the lady with him say listen to them. He is clearly on drugs. Support the police. They are who you call when you need help, but people do not support them.

  6. It's very clear George felt his death from the time the police open his vehicle you can hear the fear in his voice
    It's like he knew something very bad was about to happen to him
    He wasn't resisting arrest he was very scared. Alas how very sad

  7. Christian Amerikkk where black people have been "legally" less than animals! Almost every post in here is cruel, anti black racist comments. Humanity is gone, very sad.

  8. The officer should be trained to detect mental heath and act accordingly. It's clear his behaviour wasnt just the result of drugs

    Either way, if someone says they can't breath shouldn't you get them medical help and not suppress their airways further with your knee?

    To me it seemed like the drugs mixed with fear caused a panic attack that then lead to the unfortunate death (suffocation or heart attack).

  9. I don't think the police did the right thing here, definitely some culpability as to process and force used. However the idea they racially targeted George Floyd and deliberately murdered him is laughable.

  10. He’s claustrophobic he wasn’t claustrophobic in his own car I’m not justifying the police for what they did because it was wrong but he brought all that on his self. U don’t act like that when being arrested. Office tells me what to do I do it. Hell I been pulled over dozens times in different states. They love putting truckers over cause yr from different state so they try find anything to write u up for. Chances getting back for court hearing like 0/ none. So u better act like you got some sense.

  11. I think he was putting on the show not complying cause he was high and trying too get rid the dope he was holding. None this would have happened if he had just complied to begin with. But kneeing him was very wrong. But that man knew he was going too jail. Why he was acting this way.

  12. It's not to late .. vote trump .. and help with the fight against these liberal media out let's . they really need takin off the air ways . They causing riots and unrest .. u have to ask your self, what's behind it people .. What ever happen to being able to take the news for the facts not the agenda .. they all just lying to us .. and so are the prophesors in the higher learning establishments of our country . They all just trying to make u beleive that a socialistic country is better .( Like it worked so well any where else in the world. Dying to get seen for their illness having social health care . because they had to wait so long to get in to see their doctor…just ask Canada) this is the last country to run to for freedom and they trying to take our last option on earth away from us as well as those coning legally to escape. … by using this kind of tactic to draw us apart .. one american news is about the only media outlet any more that seems to be close to the old fashion news cast that gave us the facts and not their pushed agenda through pockets of money given to them by the rich and Hollywood all leading the charge to control us.. biden presidency .. u will be locked down in your homes again. With Trump u will be free to do your jobs and live life cautiously while we find a vaccine .. every one of his cabinet members who got covid recovered showing hes right liberal media dont cover that either do they .

  13. The police are cautions because this guy shoved his gun in a pregnant woman’s stomach when he and his friends robbed her home. They ask him to get out of the car several times but he refuses. The lead officer was wrong to kneel on his neck and the other two were wrong not to stop him.

  14. Floyd nothing but a waisted democrat pet on drugs a heil idiots that continue to support these useless scum infectious dopeheads

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