Bollywood Stars Heart Touching Reaction on Irrfan Khan Death


Bollywood Stars Heart Touching Reaction on Irrfan khan death


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Date: May 9, 2020

40 thoughts on “Bollywood Stars Heart Touching Reaction on Irrfan Khan Death

  1. Among all the well known actors of Bollywood, I really love watching Irrfan's acting.
    He's very cool and I love the way he acts. A very professional n charismatic actor. Its so heartbreaking to lose him so soon. I was really hoping to see many more of his films. Whether he acted with Hollywood actors or in his homeland, he really showed what great acting was all about. Not necessary to boast of 6 packs n so on. He commanded attention in whatever roles he played. I'm not into the Hero worshipping type because I always thought that many supporting actors or actresses gives alot of credit to the making of a movie. Irrfan was one of those rare actors who made the roles he acted, worth watching. No glamourous roles but very down to earth type ones. Thats what made him stand out. I loved him as someone who carried his roles well n the fact that he somehow connected with the lay man. While many prefer absurd heroism roles, he choose to play the simple man on the street types. Thats the most humbling experience of being an actor. Humility at its best!!!
    Irrfan, whether as a Hero or supporting, gave his best.
    Really going to miss him alot.
    RIP my dear.
    Your one of a kind human being.
    Salute to you.

  2. A great actor gone.no one is immortal but a good man like irfan Khan when die at only age of 53 make unhappy .but itna sure hai wo apne acting power se God ko BHI amazed Kar denge vaise to sabse bada Khiladi God hi hote hai .rip irfan sir.

  3. I still can’t believe that he’s gone, what a great person and actor he was, I’m dumbfounded still after 3 days, trying to come to terms with the loss of a great person, rest in peace # Irrfan Khan , you will always be in our prayers, and Mashallah he passed away in The Month of Ramadhan

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