Boris Johnson boasts he would be richer if he wasn't an MP


Mr Johnson (pictured at the hustings on Friday) made the comments while at a Tory leadership hustings in Darlington where he also said he wants immigrants ‘to be and feel British’. He highlighted Bangladeshis and Jewish refugees as examples of how to adapt, saying they ‘have made their lives and have helped to make our national culture’. ‘That’s what I want for our country, I want everybody who comes here and makes their lives here to be and to feel British,’ he said. ‘That’s the most important thing. And to learn English. ‘Too often there are parts of our country and parts of London still and other cities as well where English is not spoken by some people as their first language. ‘That needs to be changed and people need to be allowed to take part in the economy and in society in the way that that shared experience would allow.’

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Date: October 19, 2019

20 thoughts on “Boris Johnson boasts he would be richer if he wasn't an MP

  1. He completely ignored her accusation that he has been taking cash for after dinner speeches since stepping down from being FS.
    Terribly inarticulate in this except. Come on please can't the UK have someone that won't be a laughing stock

  2. Maybe the real life Homer Simpson would send a few quid my way then. Bojo and his teddy and soft choo choo train will always live in people's memory as being a complete idiot. Lousy as Mayor of London, lousy at being the PM's No2 and now being used to trigger a general election which will see him unemployed and the country firmly in the EU beyond Oct 31st, I have to question how someone with as much charisma as a squashed tomato has come so far, I call this the Homer Simpson theory as like Homer Bojo will never have what he really wants, like trying to grab smoke, Bojo will go down in history as precisely what he is – stupid but very lucky with it

  3. Boris takes the crown. A Hunt Remoaner government would simply be a gateway to Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party to get into Number 10.

    The Tories know only too well their parties survival is wholly dependent on removing the UK from the EU, without too much cost, and without any dodgy project fear dossiers, and without any caveats that see the UK tied to the EU and unable to make its way in the world as a free nation.

  4. He talks as if he,s only earning his salary for being a backbench MP, rather than bringing up what he earns from writing a weekly column for the telegraph which earns him a 6 figure salary and the thousands he gets from making speeches, though he must need that extra cash to get by considering he only gets 80,000 a year for being a politician, as well as expenses.

  5. Wow, he's sacrificed so much……he's got more money than he could possibly spend and now he's sacrificing making even more money that he can't spend. What a soldier!

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