Boris Johnson: Brexit plans would 'honour referendum' – BBC News


Boris Johnson says his plan for Brexit would “honour the referendum”.
Addressing the Commons for the first time since his proposals were submitted to the EU, the prime minister said he had always wanted to leave with a deal.
But these plans showed a “seriousness of purpose”.
“It has not delivered everything we wished,” says Mr Johnson.
“But it is a genuine attempt to bridge the chasm.”

Mr Johnson says the previous withdrawal agreement “would have permanently anchored the UK within the orbit of EU regulation and customs arrangements”.

He tells MPs this government has a “different vision”.

“We have shown great flexibility,” he says.

“If our EU neighbours chose not to show corresponding willingness to reach a deal then we will leave on 31 October.

“It will be a failure of statecraft which all parties would be responsible.”

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Date: October 15, 2019

22 thoughts on “Boris Johnson: Brexit plans would 'honour referendum' – BBC News

  1. Pretty awkward to see Theresa May (the immediate Fmr. Prime minister), sitting in brilliant cerulean three rows behind the current PM.

    I mean, I guess it’s just weird because I’m American and the only time we really see two presidents near each other are campaign events or inaugurations lol



  2. Fight for freedom,stand with London! On October 7th, the British police maliciously suppressed the peaceful demonstrations of environmentalists and arrested hundreds of environmentalists for no reason. Their human rights were trampled on by the police! They did not destroy everywhere like the Hong Kong mobs, but only peacefully called on the government to pay attention to environmental issues. The British government is trampling on human rights, and London is suffering from unprecedented horror! Recovering London, the revolution of the times! Environmental demands are non-negotiable!

  3. brexit threatens that special relationship with the USA and here is how…
    the UK had the best deal in the world being on the fence between USA and EU with it's own currency one foot on each side,
    being in one of the biggest trading blocks in the world, being USAmerica's influence IN the EU while also being the EU's influence on USAmerica.
    Both diplomatically and economically the supremely superior position.
    IF the UK leaves the EU then the UK will be less important to the USA.
    THAT will make obtaining deals with USAmerica MORE difficult than easier.
    So with brexit the UK becomes diplomatically and economically less important to both sides of that fence.

    brexit was funded to crash the pound so you can see where the asset strippers will be coming from….
    BOTH sides of that extremely profitable fence WE were sitting on.

    brexit makes the UK the easy meat for the next asset stripping land grab for speculators and asset strippers from all over the world.

  4. After plan b and after plan b the new plan b! Boris go home. You do not know what Brexit is. Better no Brexit before the British people pay the price for the next 500 years. The abuse of power is impressive. Britain´s disaster.

  5. Even the weather's miserable here. Maybe there are no genuine moments of happiness its just an illusion like you were kind of feral and didn't know what it was.

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