Boris Johnson ordered to appear in court over £350m claim – BBC News


Boris Johnson has been ordered to appear in court over claims he lied by saying the UK gave the EU £350m a week.

The Tory leadership candidate has been accused of misconduct in public office after making the claim during the 2016 EU referendum campaign.

It is a private prosecution launched by campaigner Marcus Ball, who crowdfunded £200,000 for the case.

Mr Johnson’s representatives have called the case a “stunt” that is being “brought for political purposes”.

The preliminary hearing will take place at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and the case will then be sent to the Crown Court for trial.

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Date: September 4, 2019

22 thoughts on “Boris Johnson ordered to appear in court over £350m claim – BBC News

  1. FAct is if you hold public office & get convicted of an offence the law states you cant hold a public office = its divisive tool used by the Masonic powers that be to protect the big business interests the MPs / minsters and there financial friends have within the EU !

  2. Remain in EU cowards wanting a second referendum now they’ve dithered Brexit to death “they hope” really will use any ploy whatsoever it seems to discredit Boris Johnson…..

  3. There is never any need to consider the issues raised , the testimonials, the conclusions, or anything else. Once you see it's the BBC reporting on anyone, or anything even slightly right of their left-wing agenda you know it's all going to be a contrived, and bias hatchet job.

  4. According to the Late Eustace Mullins, Hitler Churchill Stalin and Mao were Cousins and illegitimate Rothschlds .
    The first Conspiracy Theory and skilled artist.
    His first book the Secrets of the Federal Reserve 1953 was under the mentorship of the Renowned scholar and Artist
    Ezra Pound who was imprisoned in St. Elizabeth's Washington DC without charge for trying to keep the USA out of WW2. RIP

  5. Trying to think about the point of the tax cuts for the wealthy. I think if there is a principle that is positive it will be to encourage more high earners to live in the UK so you produce a smaller tax return from more people to produce a bigger sum. But it sits within an evolved culture to creatively swerve the legislation.. Seems like you keep building a proportionately bigger sieve.

  6. What the BBC aren't telling you is we give more than 350m a week to the EU and they know it.

    The BBC are having your pants down once again and You don't know it…………………………………..

    till now

  7. In 2017 the UK government paid £13 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending on the UK was forecast to be £4 billion . So the UK’s ‘net contribution’ was estimated at nearly £9 billion.
    The UK actually paid closer to £250 million a week. Which is still a lot of money.

  8. Please, listen properly. He says criminal offence when ACCUSED of lying, politicians are accused of lying almost every day and alot of the time the only liars are the accusers.

  9. How absurd….you may as well drag just about every politician standing for Parliament…It's true we should not be lied to but look at May top of the list of repetitive lies stating we will absolutely be leaving the EU 29th March!!! Our political system needs and overhaul.

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