Boris Johnson: 'The boy who wanted to be world king' – BBC News


Who really knows the man who has won the race to lead the UK?

Political documentary maker Michael Cockerell profiles Britain’s new prime minister for BBC Newsnight, using interviews with family, colleagues and the man himself, Boris Johnson.

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Date: September 24, 2021

36 thoughts on “Boris Johnson: 'The boy who wanted to be world king' – BBC News

  1. “His optimism is catching. It spreads like a cold”
    Not meaning to compare COVID-19 to the common cold but holy fuck that didn’t age well did it

  2. This video is soooooo unreasonably vilely negative towards him. In my view, he is not only genius but i feel most importantly he is the most fair and rightful politician at that level which is more important than anything.

  3. Aren't all PM's cut from the same cloth ?
    They're all born into wealthy privileged families primed to be PM before puberty
    Socially retarded , untrustworthy and inability to tell the truth
    They believe there own BULLSHIT

  4. Came here after watching the documentary of the guy talking about how he is basically a celebrity. Lots of people need to know who he really is.

  5. The only prime minister ( in my lifetime so far , 55 years ) that I haven't been able to take seriously , Blair was a liar too and I disliked him immensely , but Johnson is beyond comparison
    How is this buffoon a leader?

  6. Look at me ,I’m the KING of the hill. I’ve killed 130,000 and embezzled Billions and I’m still standing . Your so lucky I’m here . His egotistical sociopath self righteous affection for evil knows no bounds and with no sight of self blame .

  7. The fact that he said he wanted to be "world king" when he was little also says a lot I think. I mean yes he was 4 or 5, but still, kids would usually answer that question with a job title, such as "doctor" , "singer" , not "famous" or "rich". He never cared about the job itself, never cared about the people or about doing good or making a difference. He has only ever cared about the fame that comes with the title Prime Minister.

  8. I really do not know how you could ever be proud to admit that you voted for someone who is a compulsive liar for attention and who openly said that he thinks women who wear burkas look like letter boxes. How. Why. UGH

  9. He literally told us and basically admitted he didn't know what he was doing. And we voted for him. What's wrong UK people

  10. From my current perspective in 2021, he has utterly failed the country, presiding over a cabinet of idiots, he has been exposed as a corrupt incompetent narcissist. He has buggered it up as Nicolas Soames predicted.

  11. @11:24 "I think the harder the challenge, the more we'll get out of him".
    I think she's absolutely right. No one would have predicted Covid when this was filmed, and yet Boris was absolutely the man for the job. I think he could very well go down as a great Prime Minister like Thatcher or Churchill.

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