Boy Decapitated at Water Park in Kansas


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Sources – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/04/family-boy-decapitated-kansas-waterslide-receive-20-million/







Date: September 17, 2019

38 thoughts on “Boy Decapitated at Water Park in Kansas

  1. The is so messed up. I think I would be traumatized after seeing a decapitated body slide out at the end of the pool. Hats off to firemen and police who have to deal with such tragic events.

  2. more parents dishonouring and cheapening there childs life by running happily for the big pay day.sometimes I've actually seen creeps similar to this say its not about the money with a straight face,I don't mind people sueing attractions if a family member dies but I hate the hypocrisy of them crying about it then driving home in the new Porsche.I also think its creepy to pursue a very well paying tv career for which your only job qualification is your child was killed by some pervert instead of privately and with dignity mourning the death ala john walsh

  3. Thoughts and prayers crowd.
    There thoughts,there prayers, and let’s move on to a School or event massacre…!
    Just the many things a thoughts and prayers crowd will never ever do, is vote there delusion out of our politics or leave this country and move to the delusions origin.
    Where thoughts and prayers is all that is ever allowed.

  4. So many water park rides are flawed, surprised there are not more accidents. How do you mentally con't on if your brother.. who witnessed it especially, the parents? You can't even imagine.

  5. so sad no they did not care and i'm glad it is being taken down and the fam is getting paid but that is going 2 warp the 2ed child for life smdh why would u make that in the 1st place? I am so with you bigZ!

  6. This is sad news and a terrible piece of history. I wish the best for the family and he never deserved to die like that. I hope the family never experiences anything like that again. and plus this could have been prevented.
    RIP CALEB. 2006-2016

  7. Here in Australia we're having issues with some of the rides at some of our annual shows. I think it was last year a young girl was killed on a ride at the Royal Adelaide show and theres just been another incident with another ride there yesterday.It's always the wild, fast , very very high & crazy rides that have issues. That's why I'll stick with the nice ole carousel any day…Condolences and prayers to Caleb's family. May the Angels protect all of you. Especially Caleb's brother. He must be goiong through sheer hell. Lots of big aussie hugs to him and his family…

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