Brandon Williams shows MOTDx where he grew up


Filmed before the lockdown, Manchester United defender Brandon Williams takes MOTDx’s Jordan Hames around the neighbourhood where he grew up in Harpurhey, Manchester – from the pitch where he first played the game to the market where his mum still has a stall.

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Brandon Williams shows MOTDx where he grew up


Date: October 14, 2020

50 thoughts on “Brandon Williams shows MOTDx where he grew up

  1. I do rate him, however for him to go the next level & be that 10yr + player us United fans are craving for and cement that position his own like he said (being in the first 11 week in week out) , for me he’s going to need competition and managed proper. 

    Something Sir Alex was instrumental in doing with youngsters he thought were pivotal to his squads over the journey

  2. Tough as a nail the kid got heart and that desired to win the ball even that means having to smashed his head while training in next couple days that was some ballsy shit right there.

  3. Brandon is exactly a player that Solskjær likes. He is humble and really hard working. He does not have the biggest talent ever but his extremely hard work and persistence could set him up to become a great left back.

  4. Muti re chai na nijer rakhte chai onner ta asa kori na 1st person tui noy refarence person pore dekhas sobe police re or baba kine rakheche ti na

  5. Incredible how mature he is at such a ridiculously young age. 3-5 years heel be a regular starter for United, mark my words.

  6. In all honesty, Harpurhey can be a pretty rough and tough place. There are a lot of good people from that area though, who get roped into the reputation it has, which is made by a few idiots. I’m from Salford myself, about 10 min drive from there, I’ve also worked there….and had plenty of trouble there! Glad to see talent isn’t held back no matter where it’s hiding. He’s a little warrior too.

  7. I love utd and how we have Brandon and Rashford in the team. Even Greewood is kind of local. It beats citys multi million pound oil money signings anyday. This is what Utd is all about.

  8. Mason and Brandon, both these kids are way more mature for their age and that reflects on the pitch as well, the composure and the focus.

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