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Boxing legend Jeff Fenech made a miraculous recovery and managed to walk his daughter down the aisle just weeks after life-saving surgery.The former triple world champion, 55, was rushed into intensive care in Bangkok, Thailand, on October 4 after he began coughing up blood at a training camp.He was set to miss his daughter Jessica’s wedding as he recovered from a five-hour operation on an infected heart valve which almosted him.However, on Saturday he completed a miracle when he made it back to Sydney in time to walk his daughter down the aisle.According to the Daily Telegraph, Fenech was was preparing to watch the ceremony on Skype, but shocked family and friends when he walked Jessica down the aisle at St Mary’s Cathedral.He was pictured wearing a tuxedo and black baseball cap, looking tired as he accompanied his daughter to the front of the church. Share this article Share Thinking he would miss the ceremony, Fenech watched his daughter tie the knot in a wedding ceremony at his bedside after she and her fiance flew to Thailand. Jessica was walked down the hospital corridor by her mother Suzee wearing a veil and short white dress suit, A Current Affair reported.Fenech’s wife and three children had rushed from Australia to accompany him before, during and after his invasive surgery. ‘He’s a fighter, he always has been, so he’ll get through this,’ his emotional daughter Kayla told Seven News.  ‘It was very hard to see him like that I hope to never see him like that again.’We all just started crying because he looked so sick, but we were all relieved.’   She and her siblings arrived at the hospital just 10 minutes before their dad was wheeled into theatre for the marathon surgery. ‘Thinking of you non stop. Love you so so much. See you very soon. Can’t wait to give you a big cuddle, kiss and to just be by your side. You’re going to pull through this dad. You’re the strongest man I’ve ever known,’ Kayla posted on Instagram at the time.Her sister Jess added on Twitter: ‘Love you so much dad, we are all praying for you and thinking of you every single second that goes by and will be right by your side as soon as you open your eyes! You are so strong ! You are a fighter! Love you to death.’What was originally meant to be keyhole surgery changed to open heart surgery at the last minute.Fenech had to be operated on in an elevated position sitting up so surgeons could drain fluid from his lungs while replacing the severely damaged heart valve.’We couldn’t crying because he looked so sick but we’re all relieved,’ Kayla said after the operation. While the worst of his toughest fight yet is over for the boxing legend once known as the Marrickville Mauler, Fenech isn’t out of the woods just yet as the threat of further infection remains high. It was originally believed he would have to stay in Thailand for at least four weeks, believing he would miss the wedding. ‘The next seven days are going to be incredibly important for Jeff, particularly w


Date: November 6, 2019

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