Breaking News US/Australia ll Moment three ton HIPPO enjoys a dip in a Botswana family's pool


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A homeowner was stunned when he discovered a three ton hippo in his swimming pool on New Year’s Eve.The giant guest was spotted by a shocked night watchman at around 3.30 am on December 31 in Maun, Botswana.Incredibly, the massive mammal – which is one of Africa’s most dangerous animals – decided to see in 2020 with its very own pool party until leaving on January 1.Brent Reed, director of Letaka Safaris, whose home the male hippo was visiting, said the night watchman had a very big surprise when he saw the unusual gatecrasher lounging in the six-feet-deep pool. Pictured right to left: Brent Reed’s youngest son Troy, 11, and his 15-year-old friend Kyle Steyn looking down into Brent’s pool in Botswana where the hippo was having a dip  In these incredible pictures Brent’s youngest son Troy, aged 11, and his friend Kyle Steyn, aged 15, can be seen looking at the wild hippo in the pool which seemed totally at ease with their presence.Brent said: ‘I guess you could say it was a hippo new year.’We didn’t think it could get out, but it did just that on January 1st and we woke up at 2am to the hippo grazing outside our bedroom.’Brent’s family firm, Letaka Safaris, run tented excursions into the world-famous Okavango Delta and northern Botswana. The hippo can be seen raising its head above the pool’s water on New Year’s Eve in Maun, Botswana Pics Troy Reed, aged 11, Brent Reed’s youngest son looking down on the submerged hippo in Maun, Botswana on New Year’s EveHe said the region had experienced an unusually hot and dry summer this year.He said: ‘It was a large male and there has been a drought for pretty much the whole year.’The Thamalakane River has dried up so our swimming pool was probably the most inviting place for him to stay as our home is alongside the dry riverbed.”There is always a danger with hippos, particularly when cornered but this one didn’t any signs of aggression.’Brent said despite enjoying the unusual house guest the clean-up operation had already extracted more than 100kg of dung from what had been a pristine pool.Hippos are one of Africa’s most dangerous animals with huge jaws capable of crushing crocodiles.Despite their size, they can reach speeds of nearly 20mph on land and they are very at home in water where they will charge boats and people if they feel threatened.


Date: January 22, 2020

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