Prime Minister Theresa May says she is focused on the vote on her Brexit deal in the face of dozens of her own MPs’ opposition.

Mrs May was speaking to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg in Argentina, where she is attending the the G20 summit.

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  1. Hslf soaked, Half baked botch up of a deal by Olive oil. I am now waiting for Popeye to second her delusional deal. I pittty this government if it is so reckless as to stop Brexit. Those pushing for a People's vote are escapees from the mental asylum.

  2. BBC'S 2018 cover ups

    -Not covering Telford/Leeds Muslim pedophille gangs
    – Not covering Muslim pedophille gang in Huddersfield
    – Not covering 55 stabbing deaths in London in 3 month period
    – Not covering Italy and Hungary elections
    – Not covering corrupt EU meetings
    – Illegal detainment and deportation of Martin sellner and Brittany Pettibone
    – Not covering freedom of speech events
    – Illegal detainment and illegal sentencing of an innocent man (Tommy Robinson)
    – Not covering the silencing and censorship of Populist and Nationalist voices on the internet by authoritarian dictatorship corporations like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal

    BBC 2018 False Flag:

    -Blamed Russia for chemical attack in UK
    -Blamed Assad for chemical attack in Syria
    -Blamed Russia for amesbury poisoning
    -Blamed Russia for staged murder of babchenko created by the Ukrainian secret service


    -Bias against white working class people of the UK
    -Pro Islam agenda disguised as multiculturalism
    -Anti brexit propoganda
    -Anti Russian propoganda
    -Bias against Myanmar people
    -Anti trump agenda
    -Anti Tommy Robinson agenda
    -Stands against Nationalist, Populist and traditionalist movements.

  3. I need just justice . Do you now my real mother and my real dad and my real brother and my sisters are the Swedish royal family my real family. I can improve that by DNA test . Most of them they now but I did not now until this summer time .since then every things just turned.

  4. The Maybot is going down, you will not get away with this outrageous contempt of the voters. Conservatives, you will be tainted for many years to come if you fail to stop her

  5. The deal is not being held INDEFINITELY to the EU. It delivers NOTHING. All the other stuff spouted is neither here nor there.. I think Mays face pulling and all the other body language shows she does not believe we are leaving. Wonder whether the EU used 'THUMB SCREWS "? i think it's their deal and not Mays. I think the speed at which Barnier was seen to grap and almost snatch at it was a give away.

  6. How can someone so thick and deluded b the pm of of r country. No she has not delivered on brexit and no this is not a great deal for us. All these pro remainers all they have ever wanted is a second vote just can't except there lost its disgusting.

  7. How many Tories does it take to change a lightbulb?

    None. They'd rather sell the ladder and the lightbulb and let everyone break their ankles tripping over in the dark then BBC News followers blame it on Labour.

  8. Aand I know nothing more about what's gonna happen with Brexit than before I spent six minutes watching this. Urgh, this whole thing is pretty much a wait and see game 😭😭

  9. The British people were not supposed to vote for Brexit. This woman has since done her best to subvert the democratic will of the people, and her 'deal' is the final pinnacle of betrayal. Get rid of her and just leave the EU. That's what we voted for.

  10. May is a Treasonous vile liar, she never intended for us to leave. Like Blair, Kinnocks', Ashdowns and many of the 1%, elite, leader class, she has taken the side of EU gold. Project fear is now in full swing, so don't believe the BBC, ITV, fake debates, panel shows (actors).

  11. It seems all the people hyperventilating and frothing at the mouth in this thread have never even considered Northern Ireland, and are clearly happy to sell the NI peace agreement down the river. They have no answer.

  12. Bbc and itv NHS and railway staff inflict with scientists and television psychologists a schizophrenia effect in a man against his will.Told in 2007 " can't prove it".So while people have families and holidays they inflict manufactured schizophrenia on a man.Given a psychological hell loop.The lying unethical nhs as a government shield " joke,were joking" voice put into your brain,here's your antipsychotic medication.Watch television,it's a turn off just like podcasts thanks to the BBC itv American rapists.No consent won't get consent.

  13. As a committed leave voter and former Tory voter I am in no doubt Mays deal would be a disaster for the UK, my first choice now is to leave without a deal. Second choice being another referendum for a no deal exit or remaining as we are, remaining being eminently superior to Mays deal. Economic considerations have always been a secondary consideration to the higher – order ideals of the EU which can only lead to the disaster confronting the EU today, so it must be preferable to maintain the powers we have to influence and decide on how the EU dissolves rather than pay £39 billion to remain a vassal state. If a general election is called as things stand currently I am minded to vote UKIP.

  14. The only positive thing I can say is this woke us all up. This treason has sent alarm bells ringing around the country – no no no

    Your countersign of force and make believe won’t work now


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