Brie Bella Admits She "Could Be Happier" in Her Marriage | Total Bellas | E!


The “Total Bellas” star gets candid about growing apart from her WWE hubby Daniel Bryan. Watch what Nikki and mom Kathy say.

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Brie Bella Admits She “Could Be Happier” in Her Marriage | Total Bellas | E!


Date: October 14, 2020

49 thoughts on “Brie Bella Admits She "Could Be Happier" in Her Marriage | Total Bellas | E!

  1. My breaking point was my Nicole said are you and to be because she's trying to tear their relationship down because she can't stand there Her sister has everything a child in marriage!!I mean they have everything and I honestly feel Nichole's not the 1 to go to fort bites if she's trying to bring you down Nicole doesn't have any of those things have a significant other who loves there with a ring on her finger or children so I don't understand 1 of calls coming from she's trying I love you guys both ones for life bill Armstrong birdie Winston and josie but I just feel you know no Nicole's not wanna go to so.But love you guys any way❤

  2. I feel like Brie is comparing Daniel to Artem and comparing Nikki and artem to her and Daniel I think she really loves Bryan bur is just blinded by like seeing artem and like how good he is to Nikki

  3. I definitely didn’t understand why she married him. They seemed like polar opposites. But I hope they work through this and just see it as a rough patch. I do like them together.

  4. Please remember that change is a good and natural thing. You change as a person, and with that your relationship is going to change. If your partner holds it against you, leave. Especially them saying, "You've changed, I hope it's good." There is NOTHING wrong with changing.

  5. A relationship is not about you . You can’t start a family and break it apart when you’re not happy . Happiness is an illusion.

  6. Typical modern woman. Nothing is ever good enough. It's no wonder why divorce rates are so high and they are almost always initiated by the woman. Good luck to Bryan on his eventual divorce.

  7. Why do people always think having more kids will fix their marriage lol. If there are already cracks in the foundation, a new roof isn't going to save the house

  8. She wants what her sister' have in artem ! I picked that up from day one !! ! It's not her husband , it's her , she's just not that into him anymore and she wants her version of artem !

  9. You break Bryan’s heart, the internet wrestling fans are gonna come hard! Good thing I left Twitter, can’t deal with people getting in other people’s business

  10. Its wonderful how shes able to identify the issues in her life and talk about them so gently without getting too emotional about it… cause marriage is so private and personal. Congrats to her growth not just individually as a woman, but as a mom and a wife as well 👏🏾💯👏🏾 and hopefully Bryan can see that and continue to support and vise versa 🥰

  11. Yeah… that's woman for you. Westernized women that are materialistic and high maintenance yet have little to no value. They'll never be satisfied no matter what. Shes leftovers. Daniel has stayed the same but this creature has changed in bad ways even though she was a terrible partner to begin with. Shes in her 30s and has hit the wall over a decade ago while bring little to nothing to the table. Who does she think she is?

  12. First of all i think friends and close one have great role in creating such doubt in people's mind regarding there relationship and secondly I think as more opportunities a person gets the more he/she climbs up he stops adjusting to the things he used because at this time he thinks why should he/she adjust now he's on top of his game

  13. Why married couples do reality tv along with social media!? Another marriage bites the dust thanks to reality tv.

    Exposing marital issues to the masses for public criticism is never a good thing especially if they're single or divorced. She's not happy or content within therefore the marriage is doomed.

  14. I understand what Bre is saying but I have watched this entire season so far and I think that she has to much on her plate right now and she does feel she needs to add more.

  15. I think people don't understand is it's ok to grow apart…it happens. People become so complacent and stay cause of the familiar and not wanting to start over.

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