Britain braces itself for US President Donald Trump's visit


Donald Trump’s huge motorcade has been spotted in London as the UK adds the final touches to the President’s visit. The massive convoy, which is made up of 15 vehicles, stopped traffic as it made its way through the capital. The footage was filmed yesterday afternoon on St Pancras Way in practice for the visit.

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Original Video: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1725574/Video-Britain-braces-President-Donald-Trumps-visit.html

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Date: August 13, 2019

24 thoughts on “Britain braces itself for US President Donald Trump's visit

  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder. No matter what point you could bring up to these libtards, all they could answer back is that you are a Racist, Fascist, Nazis that killed 6 million Jews.

  2. IF MAY WOULD LISTEN TO TRUMP ADVICE, PERHAPS BRITISH GOVERNMENT WOULD GET ITSELF OUT OF CRISIS. These protesters look like clueless protesters.. what organization is paying them to protest??!

  3. So illegal immigrants, terrorist wannabes and people who hate the UK are protesting President Trumps visit ? We know that President Trump wants the release of Tommy Robinson, wants business to grow and be successful, likes to cut red tape, reduce unemployment and loves immigration of legal applicants who will enhance a country in every way. Too many older extremist leftists, believe lies about President Trump which are produced by fake news and Democrat crazies, but many know better. Over a year ago a homeless black lady was outside Trump Towers in New York, when President Trump noticed her sad condition. The President had his staff bring her in, put her in a hotel suite for almost a year at no charge and helped her change her life. This guy is no racist and is a great human being.

  4. WHO protests President Trump's visit? The LEFTISTS, LIBERALS, FEMINISTS & THEIR EVIL MUSLIMS OF BRITAIN. The Traitors of Britain that elected a PORKISTANI Islamist Jihadist Sadiq Khan as mayor of Londonistan to STRIKE TERROR in the hearts of those living in London. The L L F & M who propagandise HITLER saved Britain!!!
    INGRATES. America should not have been the much needed ally in WWII.

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