Buddy Kisses Whitney | My Big Fat Fabulous Life


Whitney has mixed feelings after Buddy kisses her.

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Date: November 1, 2019

41 thoughts on “Buddy Kisses Whitney | My Big Fat Fabulous Life

  1. Why is this fat white lady popular? If she was black… She would be called lazy, disgusting, fat, nasty and not entertaining… I don't get why do people gravitate to this white chick… I don't. Thumbs down!!! TLC do better!!!!

  2. Am I the only one who thinks she is the WORST friend ever – to her 'dearest' girlfriends? She put it into high gear when Buddy latched onto a new, new gf – although he wasn't supposed to launch into ANY new relationship so soon after rehab.

  3. Reason celsea broke up with Buddy is she thought she'd live off The Star of our show just like Buddy is doing and also appear on the show all the time like that mooch Buddy is doing

  4. You and buddy were made for each other he's the guy that should be your boyfriend he's the one you should have a baby with he's the right guy for you you are always their for each other

  5. I've always said they should've been together. They work well with each other, they are physically on the same wavelength and they could work together to help themselves. They would be a great couple.

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