Campaign for Taiwan to join WHO takes to the sky in Australia


Taiwan”s official pandemic slogan, “Taiwan can help,” was written in the skies of Canberra and Sydney over the weekend. The skywriting was part of a campaign from 26 Taiwanese doctors working in Australia who want to help Taiwan get admitted into the annual summit of the World Health Organization. The campaign even received positive feedback from members of parliament.

The words “Taiwan can help” can be seen in the sky over Australia’s capital Canberra. Whether they’re taking a stroll or out exercising, people stop in their tracks to gaze at the message.

Some people begin to live stream with their smartphones, capturing the moment. The skywriting was actually the handiwork of 26 Taiwanese doctors, who have initiated a pro-Taiwan drive on the internet.

Lin Chan-feng
Taiwanese Doctor in Australia
We hope to draw the attention of the Australian people to this issue. Actually, we’ve been organizing this for several months, hoping that the Australian government can support Taiwan’s accession to the WHO. We’ve gotten very positive response from the Australian government.

The doctors raised AU$10,000 or about NT$200,000. The message “Taiwan can help” was written in the skies of Canberra, and Sydney, Australia’s largest city, at 12:00 noon on May 16 and 17, on the eve of the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

David Smith
Member of Parliament
I think this is a good opportunity to raise the profile of these issues. Look, it’s clearly a mistake to exclude important members of our international community by not including Taiwan.

The drive solicited positive feedback from members of parliament. Reports of Taiwan’s epidemic control efforts and donations of face masks have also reached the Australian public at large, who have now come to believe that medical work transcends borders. Many are now rallying behind Taiwan’s bid to attend the WHA.

Yii-Lih Charng
Taiwan representative in Australia
In fact, we’ve heard lots of voices of support, whether they’re from Australia or from many places around the world. We are grateful for their support for Taiwan’s participation in various WHO-related activities.

The success of Taiwan’s fight against the coronavirus is something for all to see, and yet Taiwan is still excluded from the annual WHA. Taiwanese doctors in Australia took it upon themselves to raise money and write to members of the Australian Parliament, sharing Taiwan’s success story in epidemic control. They’ve gained positive feedback from various parliamentarians.


Date: June 8, 2020

41 thoughts on “Campaign for Taiwan to join WHO takes to the sky in Australia

  1. The world will be there to support and respect Taiwan, 💪❤👍💜👍❤🇨🇦🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  2. Once the WHO gets rid of their corrupt officials and India takes over for the next 3 years, Taiwan will be admitted to the organization and that is just a start! As an independent sovereign nation, their acceptance into the UNITED NATIONS is essential for world peace!

  3. The WHO has destroyed more than helped. Outrageous this organization, and their chairman is an outright hypocrite. Stopping this nonsense, if they had done what they are intended for, half of Europe and the whole world would not have come into crisis. May also hope that countries will soon hold China liable. This is not the first time a virus has come out. And yes, there will be reactions to this with an opposition. Just tell that to the victims, their relatives and anyone who is now going bankrupt. Thank you WHO, and thank you China They should have been so smart with announcements and advice several months ago. They kept it all up for a long time until it was too late. This virus has long been known to them. If there is someone I no longer take seriously, it is this man tredos or tedros who has kept an eye on various abuses in his own country. And he heads the WHO. Count out your winnings. [1/5 22:44] Awaaz de Kaha Hain ?: There is quite a lot to blame for the WHO. First the report that it was not a human-to-human communicable condition. When the infectiousness and mortality of the disease was known, plead against closing the Chinese borders so that the Chinese could continue to travel. I think they are still very sick in Lombardy. When it was already known that China arrested doctors who warned and silenced at an early stage, they still claimed that China deserved compliments and was fantastic. All statements from the aforementioned man of the WHO and all to read. And then I mention just a few, the series is longer. Trump is absolutely right in this matter. China has invested heavily in Ethiopia, among others, and what is the right thing. The US pays the bill of a WHO bought by China. The world population pays the bill of its consequences.

  4. A regime a dictatorship a communist country is pressurizing free democratic countries and bullying them but it seems like all the free countries has took a blind eye towards china. Ccp and the supporters of ccp who are doing business with this regime are also the murderers and as responsible as this regime.

  5. My humble opinion from Singapore. I had been to Taiwan safe times and I totally admire Taiwan. If I am younger I would migrate there. Taiwan is an independent country. I support Taiwan to be in ALL INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION. They are NOT bullies and blackmailers like CHINA. ADMIT TAIWAN AND KICK OUT CHINA!

  6. Taiwan u are holding the batton of light for the entire globe ….the world stands with you …this chinese govt should pay for the damages it has fone to the entire world

  7. Who is a puppet of china so don't expect anything from them……but congratulations in advance very soon you are going to become a official sovereign country……….

  8. I feel for Taiwanese citizens! Not only an independent nation, they also got a strong and competent government to lead them, yet they were suppressed by a “non political organization”, muted them in the most crisis time of humanity. This alone cannot be accepted, WHO must pay for what they did!

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