Can America Survive This? | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 1083


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Chaos continues in Kenosha and spreads to Minneapolis as a false rumor of another police shooting goes viral; the NBA closes down to protest supposed American systemic racism; and the RNC defends cops and the flag on its third night.

0:00 – Hurricane update
3:40 – The actual facts of the shooting in Kenosha
27:45 – The media want you to ignore what’s right in front of you
37:28 – Riots spread to Minneapolis
41:10 – Democrats try their best to ignore the violence
48:45 – NBA players boycott basketball to fight racism

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Date: September 1, 2020

20 thoughts on “Can America Survive This? | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 1083

  1. Ben you've lost all of your integrity. You know Trump is horrible for the country, but your money interest, appealing to the Trump crowd, appears to have completely diminished your love of country. Thousands of Americans are dead solely because of Trump's horrible response to the corona virus. And you KNOW IT. Yet you pander. I'm sure your god will judge you accordingly.

  2. Clear self defense, no charges related to the shooting should have been filed. Possession of the firearm by a minor? Maybe, but the rule of law had already broken down. That should nullify that charge.

  3. Now I’m behind Kyle but I do need some clarification. At 20:00 it’s said that you need to be 18 to open carry. He is 17, shouldn’t that have been addressed by the police? I can understand that by sight he looks over 18. Just clarification

  4. All the chaos we currently see is 100% race – based. Not between the different colors of skin amongst the human population, but between the human race, and the serpent race. Thoth told us this 36,000 years ago:
    In the form of man they amongst us,

    but only to sight were they as are men.

    Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted

    but appearing to man as men among men.

    Crept they into the Councils,

    taking forms that were like unto men.

    Slaying by their arts

    the chiefs of the kingdoms,

    taking their form and ruling o'er man.

    Only by magic could they be discovered.

    Only by sound could their faces be seen.

    Sought they from the Kingdom of shadows

    to destroy man and rule in his place.

  5. Governors need to be charged when they are, in some cases overtly, INCITING VIOLENCE. Why isn't that happening?

    Other than that, Ben, consider this guy for one of your Sunday sit-downs if you still do them. Super method of breaking things down, and one of the best breakdowns of the Kenosha incident I've seen, fully backed by screen shots of supporting documentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1KNwy3OzPc

  6. I actually the other day was arguing with a liberal, and when I questioned the Jacob Blake case he kept telling blatantly that "the facts are irrelevant"! He said that the systematic racism that exists is more important so the facts of this case is more important! His defence of this is that facts and statistics don't inspire people as much as stories so therefore it is justified to use stories that doesn't prove racial injustice to push for racial justice. Some people are impressively dumb.

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