Can Brexit deliver a new form of economy? – BBC Newsnight


Globalisation has changed the country’s towns and villages – what’s their post-Brexit future?
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John Sweeney is in Grimethorpe asking what people in the former mining village expect Brexit to deliver for them. Grimethorpe voted to Leave during the 2016 referendum.

In the studio, Emily Maitlis is joined by author Kevin O’Rourke, Professor Matthew Goodwin, Executive Director of The Equality Trust Wanda Wyporska and Alex Brummer of the Daily Mail.

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Date: November 7, 2019

38 thoughts on “Can Brexit deliver a new form of economy? – BBC Newsnight

  1. The BBC and Channel Four are strongly pro-EU but it's worth remembering they receive from the EU each year grants totalling £millions which they wouldn't receive if the UK was outside the EU. This creates a clear conflict of interests which doesn't seem to worry them in the least

  2. How as this man still got a job, I won't be renewing my TV licence this is the second disgusting disgrace from the BBC without remorce first there was Jimmy savell then this disgusting man tries to lie about a working class lad because he has a different political argument that sweeney doesn't like he's tried to distroy the man's credibility & got caught by hidden cameras and yet the BBC has done nothing even though sweeney was caught getting absolutely smashed on expensive drinks on licence payers money disgusting

  3. We’re the only hope in a battle for freedom. WW2 was all the more challenging and demanding but we didn’t throw in the towel after 2 years. Boring draining annoying yes yes yes but critically important and necessary if we are to preserve our sovereignty protect our liberty and uphold our freedom of speech. Towns like this will be hit hard’ he says. The hard truth that every successive parliament has failed to address for decades is that me have to take our medicine and it will be the most bitter pill to swallow, and the bottom line is the longer it takes the worse it will be. Brexit is a storm in a T cup compared the inescapable woes we will be faced with during the next economic crisis and recession when our 39billion divorce bill will be dwarfed by the 50billion the UK will likely be asked to pay to bail out Deutschebank if were are still part of the EU and the bail outs the ECB will demand won’t stop there. Worse yet when the bail ins happen many thrifty Brits who have saved in earnest their whole lives will lose everything including their pensions, compounded by the stock market collapse which has been engineered by the criminal central banks. The only reason the banking system is still afloat is because the banks and big money institutions and the elite that ultimately govern them are engaged in the final stages of the most heinous exchange of wealth programme to swop their riskiest bags for cash by selling them into pension fund investment portfolios. The EU is a tyrannical organisation that serves malign globalist entities that knows the EU is doomed along with the Euro because of the malevolent mismanagement of the banks, that have deliberately engineered the impending crash because they do not give a damn about the people. I have not found one remainer yet that can tell me what the EU’s Agenda 21 is, let alone if they then would pledge their support for it. The Grandest long term scheme of the EU if you boil it right down does not serve any nation, it’s a depopulation agenda

  4. Politicians eager to stay are quite comfortable in donning their carpet slippers, letting the EU do their work for them. That's the just the Status Quo of the human condition.

  5. Brexit Freedom? What kind of 'freedom' is this if it comes with visas, tariffs, custom duties, and losing the right to work, live, do business, sell goods and services in the EU without discrimination and extra red tape. We are going to sacrifice all that for what? NOMINAL SOVEREIGNTY? As the negotiations clearly show, nominal sovereignty means nothing when you a medium-sized country to strike a deal alone against giants such as the US, China, India and the EU? Wake up, please.

  6. Frankfurt Marxism is dying because people are sick of being shat on and no matter how much they try and give the impression that their idea is the only idea the politicians and media have been exposed as corrupt.

  7. Yah…but you protestant English dont like Catholic Europe and we dont enjoy you…CAN YOU SEE THE PROBLEM…you cant use your media to associate catholics with pedofiles now for over a decade and still eat at our table…not only will you eat at the dogs dinner bowl, but SOMETIMES…there wont be any scraps at ALL!! POOR…poor…poor Eggland. What will become of you?

  8. There is probably 20% real unemployment in the UK. But socialism since 1945, anarchy, gross de-industrialisation, poor low grade state-education and SO much else has degraded Britian to a deep seated instability. Inequality is a symptom of the anarchy of low grade decision making, largely the result of socialist interventionism -UK style."Redistribution is silly if you have damn all to redistribute.

  9. Pathetic. Equality is chased by economies that are failed competitors. Socialism is an exercise in enforced and would-be universal impoverishment IF the structures created by top down socialism remove high end economic activities. Which are happening all over dying socialist societies, and not so much in the new economies.

  10. Crumbs i missed this one oh Mr Sweeney at it again Mentioning/asking how will this area in the north cope without the EU putting so much money in- but failing to mention that's our money we gave to the EU in the 1st instance-comparing the rebate from input we pay into the EU each year so = a minus as we never get back more than we put in! thus we'd have our own money saving each year = a +more sceanrio, or am i the only person in Europe with a working calculator? this is far from a non-bias reporting YET AGAIN by the BBC!!!

  11. John Sweeney is no longer a credible journalist. I'll never watch another of his programmes again. Alcoholic gravy train London bubble wanker. The BBC has lost most of my confidence in the last 3 years, I'm seriously considering not renewing TV licence and just watching non-BBC channels on catch up. Not that channel 4 or SKY are much better !!! Shocking state of affairs..

  12. Totally ignorant stupid people voting on something so important. I understand why people are sick of their countries being overturned but the British government are mainly to blame. I know these shows pick and choose who they air. You should need to earn the right to vote. I'm Irish but love Britain, particularly England All of my fav comedy, music and often people are English. There isn't an anti English agenda here. We are trying to protect ourselves just like the UK

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