Can countries pay back pandemic debt? – BBC News


As G7 leaders meet to discuss global economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, business reporter Lora Jones takes a look at who governments have borrowed staggering amounts of cash from and how – if ever – they plan to repay that debt.

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Date: September 17, 2021

28 thoughts on “Can countries pay back pandemic debt? – BBC News

  1. Depends who are the taxpayers. Cheap labour’s, no taxes !
    No tax payers, high debt
    High debts = bankruptcy

    Think before sending jobs for cheap labour

  2. Canada will. We tax the rich and corporations here, so our tax base is not a middle class only thing that strangles the country like in the USA. And our economy is picking up faster than people thought it would. Plus the melting of the permafrost, while being a real environmental disaster, also allows for new exploitation of a HUGE natural resources pool.

  3. wat the BBC never reports is the record level of private sector debt that crashed the world economy in 2008, he then record amount of central bank debt used: to the save banks; give them cash reserves (none of which has been repaid, nor ever will be); and make your wages worthless via negative interest rates (interest rates is the price of money, so ur wages have become worthless – that is why you can't afford a house).

    They don't mention that central bank debt and private debt is back at ATHs for this reason. They don't mention that new forms of money have been created to save people from this debt madness that enriches the already wealthy at your expense. The world economy died in 2008. It has been on life support and drugs ever since. They haven't worked. The patent is still on a life support machine. And you will never own a house or have debts at over 10x your salary.

    The BBC is propaganda for the financial elites. Not for the "Woke" elites, as few of them are elites. For the financial elites.

  4. MI6: We know the whole Covid thing is a scam, a lie, a money-making con.

    Avoid the "vaccines" at all costs, they are a gene weapon.

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  7. USA Gain-of-Function caused all this, and their Big Pharma corps gained the most. They should be repaying the world for what they've done.

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  10. Or like USA, USD, we all need USD, we all are bind to it. So USA just keep printing, if they need more print, because the globale will take the hit, when they(nr.10% of USA) get greedy.
    Putin wtf? USA(Red) and Russia(yellow) is day and night, and the sanctions USA have on Russia. xD

  11. get rid of money currency altogether and the economics that goes with it still racking my brain at what you would replace it all with that is the million dollar question!

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