Can Hollywood Survive Coronavirus?


The coronavirus pandemic is putting a strain on all industries, including films. The call for social distancing shut down theaters and production, impacting all players from studios executives to freelance employees to consumers. Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on entertainment in the U.S. and around the world.

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Can Hollywood Survive Coronavirus?


Date: May 16, 2020

39 thoughts on “Can Hollywood Survive Coronavirus?

  1. Y’all out here saying screw Hollywood after a 12 hour Netflix binge. 💀how do you think the shows and videos you consume DAILY are made? Not every actor is floating in money and privilege. Many of us work SERVICE INDUSTRY jobs as a way to stay financially afloat in a nation and economy that tells us you can never make a living doing something enjoyable and meaningful to you . At the end of the day there isn’t a person among us who doesn’t use entertainment in some way shape or form. Behind the scene workers are people just like YOU are suffering. Show some compassion instead of hate and contempt for artists getting the same blows as you

  2. These rich m*ther f*ckers are not a necessary business and better NOT get a bailout. It’s not the taxpayer’s fault that they pocketed all of their profits instead of saving some of it.

  3. For those who are commenting that they could care less about Hollywood and celebrities, understand that Hollywood is far more than the couple of hundred a-list actors you associate it with. Hundreds of thousands of background actors, caterers, drivers, grips, carpenters, stuntmen, hair and makeup artists, security, etc that are living paycheck to paycheck and who don’t qualify for traditional unemployment are struggling. It takes a village to make a film or show.

  4. Imagine how much better our lives will be without DeNiro and everyone else like him …..I hope they CRASH AND BURN!

  5. The only positive thing that happened is those phony celebs getting bankrupt. It's finally will show their place and show that cinema ISN'T as important as Doctor and Engineer

  6. Hollywood has made so much money over the years that they will never suffer. Many actors have made millions. If those actors that have seen all the workers behind the scenes, make up artist, sets structure people, etc. etc. etc.

    If all those actors really care about them they should put their money together and create a program to send them payments monthly to help them out.

    It’s easy for Hollywood to say they’re suffering but they really aren’t. They may not be making new money but how much all the money do they have sitting around. How many mansions have these people purchased that they’re not even living in.

    For the workers in their industry they can personally do something about it. And I guarantee you at the end of spending some millions to help other people they still aren’t broke.

  7. oh so hollywood elites won t be able to go secret island to screw locked children's and exploit them so sad for them well atleast one good thing comes out of coronavirus oh and few more cults they have been doing normal people worship this people without knowing how things works irony of modern no thinker given handouts by govt kind of people

  8. As Long as HOLLYWOOD makes Money during this Pandemic THAT’S all that Matters ! Don’t worry about the Poor people who save money to see the Garbage and Remakes they produce in the name of “entertainment “ !

  9. Here’s an idea.. use it free of charge. Theaters already use assigned seating.. use that, method of 6feet apart to sit people, perhaps take temps?, santicze.

  10. Hollywood, and all the bull; Idiots like Harvey Weinstein, the narcissism, what are you wearing, who’s your plastic surgeon, keeping up with Kardashians. You know we’re all going through the bloody pandemic, it puts things in perspective! Hollywood their crap and egos, bye -bye!! I would be happy if celebrity “obsession” is gone for good!! I don’t miss them now nor will I miss them after Covid. The real hero’s are the essential workers risking their asses to take care of people. We all have to take care of each other more than ever, millions out of work, people can’t pay bills. Screw Hollywood

  11. But…if Hollywood dies and celebs stop mouthing off about politics and climate change, how will we know how we're supposed to think and feel about things??
    I need my celebrities telling me how racist and sexist we are all, how leaving the house as a black person is dangerous, how if I don't like a movie with a female lead it's because I'm sexist, and that changing your gender is brave! We need our moral and social betters to tell us what to do!

  12. I haven't been to a theater since 2001, Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie. It's not Covid that's the problem, it's me not wanting to put in labor to travel to the movies and then pay their exorbitant fees for being in an uncomfortable seating arrangement vs the home-viewing experience, with people around me who don't have my best viewing experience in consideration, that's been the problem for well over a decade. And Hollywood's been fighting home releases in favor of ones in theaters.

  13. I think Hollywood and it's smug condescending pampered celebrities are the least of our worries right now. Hollywood studios put out nothing but crap these days anyway. I haven't been to a movie theater in about 5 years anyway, when I can just catch the movie on Netflix later on.

  14. Let’s see how woke Hollywood reacts to the loss of income and jobs of their employees. Oh, what’s that? Helen DeGenerate just replaced all her union workers with non-union to support her broadcasts from her mansion?
    This virus just uncovered just how irrelevant Hollywood and celebrity culture is and also how their progressive beliefs are nothing else but virtue signaling to the masses. If celebrities that are swimming in billions of dollars of wealth want to fully financially support the staff in their industry, they can do it without putting a dent into their wealth. Each one can skip a new red carpet dress or two and support tens of families of their employees. I won’t hold my breath for that though. They all all despicable human beings and can all disappear for all we care.

  15. They have more than enough money than most of us. While people are either working on the front lines, unemployed, or just barely breaking it, we don't have time to deal with their crap. They aren't relevant to anyone of us before, during, and after this crisis, especially after certain stunts they have recently pulled. If they truly cares or want to be relevant to people, then do something that is actually helpful, whether it is donating or volunteer. Wanting a bailout isn't one of them. Also most of the new movies aren't that great and just remake of the old ones. You can only remake movie before it gets old. The idea of original movie seems so distant now. However, I do feel bad for the workers that works for them, whom probably doesn't get paid enough or appreciated enough for what they do.

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