Can social media help solve the Gabby Petito case? – BBC News


Vlogger Gabby Petito was reported missing on 11 September by her parents, and online sleuths picked up her case soon after.

TikTokers analysed every social media footprint Petito left behind – Spotify playlists, Instagram pictures and more – trying to find out what happened to her.

Now they have started looking for Petito’s missing boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.

Haley Toumaian, a TikToker with 650,000 followers, shared her process in searching information for the case.

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Date: October 12, 2021

40 thoughts on “Can social media help solve the Gabby Petito case? – BBC News

  1. I believe that this is not the only time Brian has killed.There is a possibility that he was a serial killer and Gabby knew things that no one else knew about.The day they were pulled over for instance was clearly obvious that she was covering up for him,and I don’t think that argument was a normal domestic fight.Something way more sinister was apparent to me.They were both into very disturbing horror films and books and even solidified their relationship with matching vine tattoos that wrapped around their fingers,this idea came from a book they were reading about Tree people that did horrific things to campers and hikers.There is a possibility that she could even have been involved and crumbled under the pressure of what she knew,leaving Brian no choice but to kill her.

    It’s essential.

  3. Good looking couple?
    Gabby is too good for him brian is ugly sorry…😂
    Also I'm sure their are other missing white ,black etc girls why just go on about this story

  4. People just come out with random theories with nothing to back it up whatsoever and the msm call them 'sleuths' 😂

  5. BBC are a bunch of lying Fuctards who have thier own agenda on the news. Dont believe anything from them. Go to a worthy news group to get your facts.

  6. everything up until now doesn't really convince me of BL's guilt my only question is where is her phone? what about the two strange texts? and was she actually buried or simply laying on the ground?

  7. Im so tired of seeing this case all over social media outlets. If this guy evades police for another 2 months just let the case go. Its just a dead white girl

  8. Kings National Park or Yosemite …. Carlton reserve I thinks it insane they still search there …. He likes outdoors and barefoot hikes not malaria and swamp things … C'mon 2 completely different environments

  9. They want too join search in order too take attention away from the house since drone caught them in the backyard i believe he brian is somewhere underground in backyard which is why they wanna join search they nervous wanna take police away from home

  10. He obviously is the one that did it. Or why would he be on the run? He would want to help if he wasn’t the killer.

  11. 😆 we are bat shit crazy if we think that we gonna solve a case watching social media. If anything advertisers will flood any social media handles with adds.

  12. What if Brian didnt kill Gabby and Robert did and Brian shots Robert. The parents of Brian know this and they just can't find any evidence to save Brian. No one would believe right??…

  13. All the outrage over a dead girl and the anger directed the accused family. Where was the anger and outrage when your President ordered the Killings of 2 Women and 7 Children. Totally ok to kill those Children we just won't talk about it. Just like the killings going on at the Border!! You people need help!

  14. Using information from the internet, I did some research and calculations on Brian's trip back to his parents home. Jolovec said she dropped Brian off at Spread Creek around 6:40 on Aug ,29th which is where we could imagine the van was parked according to Jenn Bethunes video..Then he made it to North Port Florida by Sept 1 approx 2 days later. Impossible, absolutely impossible to happen. It would have taken 5-8 days or more, which means he would not have gotten to North Port until the 4th of Sept but I say a true road trip alone would have taken at least 7,8, or if he is sleeping at least maybe 10 days getting him there by the 9th, had he left immediately when he got to the van.

  15. By broadcasting evidence you could be helping him stay ahead of the charges laid in the prosecution. It's possible that with this media spotlight he and the Laundrie's attorney can create solid alibis to avoid a serious criminal charge.

    Gabby Petitos death has been classed as a homicide, let the professionals do what they need to do, because if he is in fact responsible, we wouldn't want to be inadvertently helping him. I'd like to see justice for Miss Petito.🌹

  16. If you gave me all of the footage and every piece of documentation that you're concealing in order to stay ahead of Brian, yes.. yes I could find him. The problem being the investigation was botched so badly that you're trying to pull damage control while staying ahead of Brian. The question should read "Do you want US to find him or do YOU want to you to find him?"

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