Canada's plastic waste: issues and solutions


Malaysia says containers full of low-grade plastics from Canada are sitting in their largest port, which were sent under the pretext of recycling. Experts discuss the issues and solutions around what Canada can do with its unwanted plastic waste.

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Date: October 14, 2020

27 thoughts on “Canada's plastic waste: issues and solutions

  1. The philippines the first reaction to back the trash from canada. Pres.Duterte move first before other asian country…strong leader from philippines…

  2. I live here in Canada a beautiful country, But behind my back they are sending garbages to my country I felt sad, when some people I know from philippines said, bro you guys are sending us your garbages. instead of sending us a good blessing…

  3. A wide variety of things can be done to reduce plastic wastage.

    Plastic manufacturers will continue to supply plastic while the demand for it remains.

    Every time we buy food that is wrapped in plastic packaging, (fruit and vegetables for example) we contribute to the demand for that particular type of plastic. We can reduce the demand if we choose to buy loose fruit and vegetables.

    Independent fruit and veg stores don't use a large amount of plastic. Most of all their fruit and vegetables are sold loose.

    Another thing we can do to reduce demand on plastic is to buy milk in glass bottles. I buy milk in glass bottles from a local milk delivery company. The price is higher but it's very convenient to have milk and other groceries delivered to your door.

  4. when she asked 'What kind of policies', I was saying to the screen, at him, Don't u dare…and sure enough, he goes at the federal and provincial …..corporations should have been thinking about how their products end up when they built in and continue to build in, 'end of product life' incentives, such as, short lived lithium batteries, appliances and cars lasting maybe 5 years without major problems, etc…not to mention, food packaging for hygienic reasons, could be done with biodegradability

  5. Waste companies here have been doing business and selling tonnes of waste to other companies in other countries for decades. Recycling here stops at the local recycling centres when trash gets baled and sold by weight and trucked out, then shipped out. We have never completely recycled out waste domestically. We always should have.

  6. Only 9% of all plastic can be recycled. The rest must go to landfill or be burned into ash. The infrastructure does not exist to process all the different types of plastic.

  7. I represent a company that turns plastic waste into liquid fuel. Anyone reading this with an interest can Google me.


    Thank you…

  8. I represent a company that turns plastic waste into liquid fuel. Anyone reading this with an interest can Google me.


    Thank you…

  9. Even if you recycle plastic, your only keeping more plastic around and the price for recyclers will go down as there will be so much in circulation there wont be enough demand and recyclers will go out of buisness. When i first started my recycling company they were paying 0.55cad/lb for regrind and shortly after it dropped to 0.37cad/lb now its 0.28/lb plus it should continue to drop while canada cannot get rid of it and small recyclers will go out of buisness.

  10. While Asian Countries are produce Useful Products & Services ….Some Filthy Wealthy Western Nations are producing Rubbish! And they are influencing Asian Countries to do the same.
    This is Human Rights abuse! Some Western Countries (no brainer), not only looking down on Asians but Spreading Disease and illness, without Any Regards for Health of Human Beings.

  11. 🇵🇭 PHILIPPINES took the initiative and the GUTS to show to the first world countries (like Canada) to return their trash. Now the neighboring Asian countries are following through.

  12. Malaysia is not the dumping site for developing countries especially US, Canada & Europe. We've our own way to recycle our waste. Even you does not want your waste, please dumping somewhere else like at your active volcano, or send it to Sun by using your highly technology by using your taxpayers money. Now I understand why your has mesmerising scenary and clean.

  13. Some nations accept others 'waste' to supplement their limited natural resources.
    Now if, it's not just Canada but other countries as well, they ship inferior or contaminated products, would you accept it as well?
    Keep searching. Switzerland burn their 'recyclables'.

  14. phillipines: hey give us your garbage, you pay us well take it..
    canada: hey thanks, heres your 50 million dollars and some garbage
    phillipines: thanks for the check.. were keeping your money…now take your garbage back!!
    trudeau: ok, we’ll take it back..have another 10 million for the inCONvenience

  15. Perfect "CIRCULAR" industry…100% Recycled "PLASTIC PALLETS"…Replaces WOODEN PALLETS which SAVES our TREES…When a PLASTIC PALLETS breaks you send it back where it gets GROUND UP and RE-MADE into another 100% PLASTIC PALLET. Plastic PALLETS are Lighter thus less WEIGHT for TRUCKS which means LESS GASOLINE used..Plastic WASTE IS NOT GOING AWAY….It has to be cleaned up. .
    Happy Happy

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